Super Monkey Ball 3D

  • Released on Mar 27, 2011
  • By Sega for 3DS

Super Monkey Ball 3D review
The Monkeys Might Be All Rolled Out.........

The good:

Seeing a good series return

2 new modes, Monkey Fight and Monkey Race

New unlockable characters

Play Coin Functionality

Different collectible Bananas in Adventure Mode worlds

The bad:

Too hard in some spots

Gyroscope is a no go

No good soundtrack

Racing mode has a lack of real kart racing features and originality. Sucks off of Mario Kart a bit

Not well varied character features in Monkey Fight

Not enough stages in Monkey Fight and Monkey Race

Characters cost to much to purchase with Play Coins at 20 coins per character making it nearly impossible to unlock them without wasting your Play Coins


I was a fan of Super Monkey Ball since it's debut to the GameCube around 10 years ago. I think that the series might have lost it's flare as it runs out of more features to put in. Throwing in 2 extra modes all of the sudden didn't really save the series. Nintendo should have stuck with the original idea for the first game and slowly added new features instead of adding 2 new modes right away. They should have gone back to the roots of the game considering it has had a lot of new features with the Wii's motion capabilities and the Balance Board. They should have stuck with the original concept of the series: Collect Bananas and get to your goal. Monkey fight might have been something though. If another game comes in this series I wouldn't mind seeing it return, but Nintendo is going to have to be careful and make it original.

I this series was to see a revamp, I would suggest they keep all of the characters. They might want to take out the Monkey Race, as I think the lack of stages really took away the excitement. The several worlds from Adventure Mode should span not only for the mode itself, but go to Monkey Race/Monkey Fight as well. 3 Stages isn't enough to vary the gameplay. You also don't unlock characters with simply progressing in the game, making it seemingly impossible NOT to use Play Coins.

In some spots of the game, you almost have to completely stop moving just to make your aiming precise to get through the little crevices without hitting a bumper and sending your Monkey flying off the stage. Slowing down in the slightest makes it nearly impossible to reach your goal on time.

The Gyroscope technology completely ruins the fun of the game, making it nearly impossible to enjoy any 3D due to the movement of the system. By moving the 3DS system, it completely kills the 3D effect because you need the system to be positioned exactly right for the 3D to work in the first place. The Gyroscope itself works perfectly, it just would be better to play without the 3D on if you want to use the Gyroscope.

The game does not have any really good sounds. It isn't different music for each place, but the same music for a whole world with no really good sound effects. For instance, in one Haunted-House like world, every stage just has the same spooky sounds and the same details in the background instead of being varied and you know, changing it up every level. The same goes for all stages.

The Monkey Race mode doesn't have anything original other than the courses. All of the items seem eerily familiar to those we have seen in other games. (taking a queue from Mario Kart?)

The characters are not well varied in capabilities in Monkey Fight. Some are basically the same in appearance and in abilities. For instance, the character GonGon maxes out in power. There are about 5 or 6 other characters in Monkey Fight with the exact same power level and nothing different.

To acknowledge some of the good features of the game........

Seeing a what once was a good series come back. I personally think this is a good game for those who just started in the series, because it has different modes. Anybody who has already played the series probably wouldn't feel the same about it, just because they would want the original, familiar feel like in the older versions. But it was very nice to see a new approach to the series. At least Monkey Fight worked out, and gave us just a bit of a new feeling that was fun to play. Monkey Race was a bit of a dud though.

Seeing 2 new modes attempted, one of which succeeded, one of which did not. Monkey Fight was a fun game to play, because it took the role of a few different genres of games: Fighting, Platforming, a little bit of Adventure, Action, and even a little bit of Role-Playing. (because you play as monkeys) Monkey Race, on the other hand, was too much of a familiar experience due to the fact that the Power-Ups were very close to that of racing games such as Mario Kart. This mode incorporated some feelings of Racing (of course), and once again Role-Playing as you take on the role of Monkeys. It just was too much of a familiar (and diverse) experience for the Super Monkey Ball series.

Seeing great variation of characters. There were plenty of characters to keep you busy, both trying to unlock and to play with. Though, those characters aren't well varied in physical characteristics.

Different collectibles make cameos. In each world there are different special Bananas to collect, sometimes in the open, sometimes hidden away to make for a bit of a scavenger hunting experience. Also, you can collect 3 different Medallions for each world: One for getting all of the Bananas, one for getting the collectible in the world, and one for completing the world.


So, basically this game was partially worth my time. Anybody who has learned to know the series greatly will probably be disappointed a bit, but what was good has made up for some of the bad.

I just think that our favorite Monkeys trapped in spherical shaped capsules are all rolled out for now.


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