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To be consumed as part of a balanced diet


Developer and Publisher: Team Meat

If man yearned for one thing in our fast paced work-a-day world, it's to relive the glory days - to take a moment to remind themselves of what had once motivated them to live life. For some folks, it involves video games. There's been a clear shift from arcade games where the objective is to get the highest score and maybe beat the game, to more cinematic games where the objective is to watch snippets of a movie, witness a crazy set piece and sometimes play the game. Obviously, some developers weren't too happy with this, but thankfully, they have found a w...


Nostalgia overload


Super Meat Boy is yet another retro throwback - oh joy, here we go again, another throwback to the 80s and 90s instead of just progressing forward. But this one's different. Instead of just being a remake of some old game or a spin on some old school genre, it's like a folder full of nostalgia for those who followed video gaming back in the 8-bit and 16-bit days. Although gamers who hadn't played older games back in their youth would find the references either confusing or just intrusive, the overall package is just damn good.

Story: Like any old school game, the story is unimportant. Basica...


You mean I can't just eat him?


Harder than meat that's been set in the sun for weeks.

Beginning life as a game on Newgrounds, Meat Boy enjoyed a decent amount of success, though it was criticised for having slippery controls. But either way, it was popular enough to entice the creators to try and make a full game out of it, available for download on Xbox Live and Steam (and Wiiware... oh wait, that version got canned.. whoops). Well, some time later, for under fifteen dollars, you can sign your life away to play a simple little platformer... that goes from manageable to STOP IT DADDY IT HURTS difficult. It will consume yo...

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