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Platforming perfection


Platformers. Could there be a more unimaginative term for a genre? The prospect of doing little more than jumping a little sprite character from ledge to ledge while avoiding little sprite enemies is so boring that modern developers insist on spicing it up with token RPG elements or gimmicky hack-and-slash interludes. Seriously, try to explain the gameplay of an out-and-...


A super world indeed, albeit a little easy

The good:

Excellent jump from 8-bit to 16-bit, Yoshi's first impression is one hell of an impression, simple yet effectively excellent gameplay, 2-player mode so people can take it in turns to see who finishes the game first, controls are very responsive and are easy to remember, graphics look excellent for the time (actually they still look excellent today), soundtrack was memorable and always fun to listen to mainly because it suited the levels, sound effects are simple but they work with what they're given, makes well-down attempts to be challenging at times and finally incorporates a save system!

The bad:

Difficulty level makes this game feel a bit too generous at times, as well as making boss battles shorter and easier than they should be.


Released by Nintendo in 1990 in Japan as Super Mario Brothers 4 and everywhere else in 91-92 as Super Mario World, this game was, much like Super Mario Brothers, a launch game which was often included with the purchase of a Super Nintendo Entertainment System, as well as one of the more tremendously critically acclaimed games for the system. I remember having played this game often when I was younger and had a blast with it, and even at 15 years old (at the time this review was written, 5th September 2008), I still have a lot of fun with the game. Unless you consider difficulty being a litt...


One of the best Mario games ever

The good:

- One of the best SNES games ever, as well as one of the best Mario games ever
- Features the classic storyline of Princess Peach getting kidnapped by Bowser and Mario setting off to save her
- Play as Mario (and Luigi in the GameBoy Advance version)
- More than 95 levels of fun; even some secret levels; big world/map; water levels, cave levels, ghost houses, fortress levels, castle levels, and much more
- Good graphics for the time; very colorful
- Music and sounds work great with levels
- Star Road, and Special Star Road
- Ride on Yoshi's back; save the Yoshi's from their eggs
- 8 bosses, as well as minibosses; fights through the entire Koopa family
- Bonus minigames for extra lives
- Great gameplay; lots of different things to do
- Collect coins, lives, points, and Yoshi coins
- Tons of different enemeies from the Mario universe
- Small Mario, Normal Mario, Cape Mario, Fire Mario, and Invincible Mario (with the use of a star)
- Great replay value; play every level over again after you beat it
- GameBoy Advance port of the game makes the great game handheld, and includes a few slight changes to the game!

The bad:

- Time limits, though they hardly ever matter
- Not that much difficulty
- The occasional annoying level
- Bosses are too easy, and the battles are over far too soon
- Enemies are too easy
- Some other Mario suits would have been awesome
- If you play a lot, you can beat the entire game in a few hours
- Yoshi's cannot enter castles/fortresses
- I always had the cape on, so the Fire Mario item was useless to me


This was easily one of my favorite games as a child, and I still play it from time to time. Since I have it for both the SNES and GameBoy, I can enjoy the game anywhere, which is awesome. It is a great game to play on roadtrips (long car rides), when you want to play a fun game, and even when you are bored. Since it has been out for many years, if you can find it, it will be very cheap.

As a whole, Super Mario World is a very solid Mario gaming experience. You are Mario, as usual, and you are on a journey to save the Princess from the evil Bowser (no surprise there). You make your way throug...


The Wonderful World of Mario...

The good:

Another awesome adventure with Mario, in which you have to save Princess Peach...again...

Ride through the game with a great companion: Yoshi. He will become an invaluable part of your team.

Plenty of levels to get through, including secret levels, which means you will be entertained for quite a while.

The controls are simple so that any person can instantly pick up the controller and play.

The replay value is awesome. You can play through this game again and again without getting bored.

The bad:

I didn't find anything completely bad with the game, though it is a bit easy.



Welcome to my review of Super Mario World for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System!

In this game, you play as Mario as he gets through many worlds to get back Princess Peach, who was kidnapped by, you guessed it, Bowser. As you start your adventure, you come across a little dinosaur by the name of Yoshi, who agrees to help you on your quest. Together you two embark on a quest to save Princess Peach and restore order to the Kingdom. And so the journey begins...


Well it isn't really an important factor in my case, but I figured I should write about it anyway.

The music is great and ...


The best 2D Mario game ever.

The good:

First appearance of Yoshi.

You get to ride on Yoshi

Great levels

Secret levels

Power-ups (Like the Cape or Fire Flower)

The bad:

A few levels (like the Ghost levels for example) can be frusturating.


Difficulty: Medium

This is one of the best games on the SNES. This game could possible be called "Super Mario Brothers 4" since it had the same gameplay and everything than the other 3. This game has lots of fun levels (My favoriter levels are the Yoshi Island levels and the Star World levels) and it has quite a few secret levels too. I like the fact that you can indicate a secret level and search through all of that level to find it.

If you are a Mario fan or a fan of platformers then this game is a must have. But today this game might be hard to find.

I rate this game a 4.4/5


Super Mario World

The good:

So much to do including all the secrets.

The bad:

Nothing bad about this game, it's that much fun.


Super Mario World is my favourite Mario game at the moment and i loved it from the moment i started playing it. There is just so much to do and you play along with Mario and you can get Yoshi too throughout certain parts of the game. There is also a multi-player mode where player 2 is Luigi and you take turns going through the various levels. The game itself is really long and takes a while to do and there are so many secrets to do, took me about a year to get 100% the first time around. It may be old but the graphics are still really good. The music to the game is really good and changes t...

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