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A delightful combination


Super Mario: What a man. Since his first appearance all those years ago, he has done it all; Soccer, golf, plumbing, racing and believe it or not, even jumping! In 1996 Mario thought it was time to take a break from his usual pursuits, and with the help of the legendary RPG Juggernauts, SquareSoft, decided to save the world RPG style, in Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars. A Nintendo and Square mash up! That’s gotta be good, right? Mario RPG manages to combine everything we love about both Mario and RPGs into one very solid, enjoyable game that is regarded by many as one of the grea...



The good:

Everything about this game is magic. The graphics were a great upgrade from other games in the series. As this being one of the last games on the SNES, it surely made the system go out with a bang. The character models, attacks, towns, environments and NPCs gave this game was to be the most gorgeous looking RPG of the gaming generation. At least, in the year of 1996.

Turning away from the graphics, there are hundreds more great qualities that this game has to offer. The gameplay, for one. This game is a true RPG and the first in the line of Mario RPG games. But its sequels, the Paper Mario series and the Super Star Saga, come no where as close to how great this game is.

The characters. Newcomers, Geno and Mallow join your party to rid the world of evil from the evil Smithy Gang.

Geno is an action figure that belongs to Gaz that was brought to life by the heavens to help Mario on his journey.

Mallow, a clumsy teenage tadpole (or so he thinks) joins Mario after an enemy steals his Grandfather's Frog Coin. After Mario steals it back, Mallow is grateful and joins Mario on his quest to defeat Smithy.

Aside from the characters, the story is what really took me by surprise.

The story follows Mario, on a quest to defeat the Smithy Gang, who have taken over Bowser's Castle in hopes of destroying the world. Smithy is a Sword. A very big sword. These are just a few events you will encounter:

Finding a Kingdom in the Sky.

Joining forces with Bowser to save Peach.

Diving into the sea to locate a lost pirate ship.

And others as well.

The bad:

The difficulty might get in your way when you are further into the game. I know of a few people who were never able to beat Belome the second time or beat the Sunken Ship. If you have any problems, PM me.


This has to be my favorite Mario game ever. No doubt about it being among he best games on the SNES. From the characters, to the story, to the way the game even feels....I loved every moment I shared with this game. If you want a good, long game to play or if you're a fan or RPGs and Mario, I suggest go on EBay and buy this masterpiece right now.


A boring and overated Mario game

The good:

Well it's a Mario game

You can use Bowser as one of your partners.

The graphics ain't bad especially for s SNES game.

It's the first Mario game in 3D (I think)

The bad:

Overated game

Nintendo and Square working toghether? Give me a break.

Sometimes it's easy to get lost.

This game is just boring.


Difficulty: Hard

Best Mario game ever? What a joke. I could come up with atleast 10 Mario games that are much better than this one. You see after I saw all the hype about this game I decided to try it for myself and it was nothing except a dissapointment. One thing that really annoys me is that sometimes it's easy to get lost. But the main flaw in this is that it's just not fun. But this isn't a bad game by any means.

If you've played Paper Mario and Paper Mario : Thousand Year Door (Which both are much better than this) and later on play this game then you will be disspointing. So in short d...


Super Mario RPG: Legend of the 7 Stars


Game overview
One day Toadstool was picking flowers outside of Mario's house. Storm clouds can be seen overhead and Bowser's Clown Copter can be seen a short distance from Toadstool. Suddenly, Bowser came close and kidnapped Toadstool. After a match on Bowser's chandeliers, Mario tries to untie Toadstool and giant sword crashed into Bowser's Keep. Bowser, Mario, and Toadstool were then flung in opposite directions, Mario lands at his house, then returns to Bowser's Keep and sees the huge sword. The sword's drop through the sky has shattered the Star Road, and Mario sets off in a wild adventu...


A unique, RPG experience

The good:

Excellent graphics, sound effects
Plenty of action
Interesting and Original Characters
Lots of humor
Plenty of mini-games
New allies and old, including Bowser and the Princess

The bad:

Luigi is not in it
Mario cannot be switched. You must always use him
The game is too short


This is the first RPG that Mario has starred in. He must go around the world and collect the seven pieces of the Star Road so that he can repair it and allow people wishes to come true again. Why doing so, he must stop his new nemesis, Smithy, from completely destroying his world.

Along the way, Mario is joined by four characters. Two, we already know. Mario is joined by Princess Toadstool, of the Mushroom Kingdom, and his arch-nemesis, Bowser. He is also joined by Geno, a spirit from the Star Road, and Mallow, a small cloud person who controls weather.

The gameplay is a lot like a RPG. You ...



The good:

- Amazing graphics for the SNES
- Great RPG game that was well designed
- Features a storyline that keeps you excited to be involved in it. There are many storylines that are all very cool
- Good length and challenge. This is not an easy game to beat, and will take a good amount of time
- Fun characters to play as (Mario, Mallow, Geno, Bowser, Peach) and meet along your journey
- Many great and hard bosses. The perfect amount for my liking
- Cool weapons, attacks, items, and magic attacks
- Forces you to keep improving your characters
- Many fun secrets to discover, such as the Question Mark treasure chests hidden throughout the land, and the secret spottings of video game characters
- Lots of fun. Even has minigames!
- New twist: Bowser isn't your problem for once! *Shocking*
- Has many funny moments. Will make you laugh a lot
- Tons of people to talk to and detailed houses to enter

The bad:

- Minigames do not show up enough
- You have to use Mario all the time, whether you want to or not
- Repetitive at times, but not annoying in any way
- You have to keep changing weapons, even if you like the one you are using and dislike the one you need to use next


Overall, this is probably my favorite game ever. It is loads of fun, even almost 10 years after its release. It will keep you busy for almost a month, if you don't play it all at once. I gave it a 4.9 because its an amazing game, but its not perfect. Since SNES games don't exactly sell anymore, you may need to search through pawn shops to find the game if you don't have it. But its worth it!

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