Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars Action Replay Codes (SNES)

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Debug Menu (SNES) North America


This is the Pro Action Replay code for the debug menu. This is how it works:

First, enter the code. (what else?)
Now, enter a battle.
Be sure you don't press any button, and also be sure the enemy don't has the ability to attack before your own first turn.
Now, press START.
A menu should open; the debug menu. From here you can do a lot of things from the whole game.
Here's a list of what you can do:

SCENE - using this mode, you are able to go into ANY battle you want that were programmed in the game
NOTE: Fight with Culex is glitchy
Another NOTE: Not every scene is a battle. For example, there is a scene with Peach crying and hearing the voices of Mario and Bowser, at the top of Booster Tower.

OBJ - view all the uncompressed sprites that are in the game!

BG - change the background of what you're fighting on.

HPMAX - this simply just refills your HP to the max of what it's currently. So it won't change it from like 120 to 999, only refills it back up to 120 if that's your max HP.

MUSIC - listen to all the music that's in the game!

SE - Abbreviated for Sound Effects, you can listen to all the sound fx that are in the game.

LINE - this is used to measure the CPU usage of what it would use on the SNES. Nothing to fancy about this. You can simply turn it on or off.

EFFECT - This is used to show the Background Animation of objects like the Star used for Mallow's Star Rain or the rock from Bowser's Crusher attack.

EVT 1 - takes you and your party to the first fight to save Toadstool from Bowser. Pretty funny if you use that when Peach and Bowser are on you're team.

EVT 2 - takes you to the fight with Boomer at Bowser's Keep.

EVT 3 - takes you right to Smithy himself.

TEST - it simply just shows the animation of the flashes and lights when Smithy transforms into his true self. After that, the game will freeze. Pretty pointless.