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The peaceful kingdom of Sarasaland is invaded by an alien known as Tatanga, who kidnaps Princess Daisy and hypnotises the people. It's up to Mario to travel to this new world and defeat Tatanga to free Sarasaland from his tyranny.

Super Mario Land is a 2D platforming game in the vein of its NES predecessors, and was released as a launch title for Nintendo's Game Boy handheld in 1989. The game is a not a port of existing Super Mario Bros. titles, and features 12 levels spread across Sarasaland's 4 zones. Each world is based loosely on world cultures; for example Easton is fashioned after the Easter Islands complete with moai statue-inspired enemies.

Aside from the Super Mushroom and Super Star, most powerups in Super Mario Land are unique to the game, including the Superball Flower. While similar the Fire Flower in that it enables Mario to shoot projectiles, Superballs can ricochet off walls and even collect any coins in the way.

Also unique to Super Mario Land is the ability to ride in the Sky Pop airplane and Marine Pop submarine in special levels that automatically scroll, forcing players to keep moving ahead while blasting any obstacles and opposition. Many enemies are also exclusive to this Game Boy entry, and have not been used in future Mario Bros. titles since.

Super Mario Land was the first (but not the last) Mario title in Nintendo's storied franchise that was produced without any input from series creator Shigeru Miyamoto. Instead, development was helmed by none other than Nintendo's Gunpei Yokoi, Miyamoto's mentor at the company and the creator of the Game & Watch handhelds.

Curiously, the game was never packaged with the Game Boy (until the 21st century it was customary for Nintendo to include a new Mario game as a pack-in bonus with its consoles) despite launching alongside the handheld itself.

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