Super Mario Kart review
The Beginning of MK

The good:

- The great beginning of the Mario Kart series
- Great music
- Great maps/races; the classic race maps of the series
- Good graphics for the time; very colorful
- 3 difficulty classes
- 8 great racers to choose from
- 1P and 2P racing and battling; good split screen with friends
- Amazing battle mode
- Collect coins to keep your health up so you do not spin out
- Use items on other racers to gain advantages and win the race
- Simple controls
- Shortcuts in some levels
- A few fun game modes
- If you do really bad in a race, you can try again

The bad:

- Wish there were more battle mode courses because it is a great game mode
- You can only play battle mode with friends, not CPU opponents
- Depending on your character, your main opponents will be the same every race
- No story; you just race, which is fine
- A few more characters would have been cool, but is not necessary
- Occasional flashy graphics can be distracting


The start of it all in 1992: the first Mario Kart racing game. It really is a great start of the series, and left a lot to be expanded on for future 3D versions.

The main mode of the game is the Grand Prix mode, where you race around a few race tracks in each mode, trying to do as best you can in each race. Your goal is to have the most points after the last race so you place 1st overall.

There is a good set of characters to race as and maps to race on. It is really fun to race around and try to win, as well as hit opponents with items. The maps are very unique and all feel and look different, and there are even some shortcuts on a few. The characters are basically all the same, though you can easily find out the slightly faster ones and the slightly heavier ones. The music is really cool and simple, and lends itself nice to the game and races. The graphics are alright for the time of the game. They were pretty well done, and are very colorful and nice.

Battle mode is what makes this game really awesone. It is so much fun to play with your friends, trying to take them down and win the battle. A few more maps would have been cool because this mode rocks.

There is really nothing much wrong with this game. It was a great start. I just wish that you could play battle mode with CPU opponents (because you do not always have friends to play with at all times). Other than that, the graphics could have been a little better, but they were fine for the time.

If you still have a SNES, make sure you have this game. It is a lot of fun, and a must have for SNES owners.

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