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Super Mario Galaxy Tips

Dreadnought Galaxy Secret Star Help:
Mostly considered the hardest star in the game, the garbage challenge takes no prisoners.

When you arrive on the planet, go to the bottom of the platform and go into the green pipe. Talk to the robot and accept his challenge.

You have 30 seconds on the clock to blow up all the garbage with bomb ombs.
However, they take around 7 seconds to explode.

You can go to the dispensers and walk into the bomb to pick it up. Shake the wii remote to throw it. (Throw it whilst jumping for better distance)

The way to do it though, is to:

1) Throw each bom-omb onto the yellow dots.
2) Put the bombs in order so the explosions can chain into eachother.
3) Go from left to right.

Good Luck, If You Complete This You Will Have Completed The Biggest Challenge!