Super Mario Galaxy Tips

Tips and Glitches
01: Long jump around the shrinking planet
Go to Deep Dark Galaxy and go in the cannon and shoot at the right planet (Gateway Galaxy)find a screw and Shake the Remote. You will find coins somewhere and you might be able to collect to collect all 50 coins for an extra life(1-up).

02: Cosmic Mario race boost
Enter any Cosmic Mario race Hold forward on the numbchuck Stick and hold Z when it hits 2 and press A when it hits GO!

03: Cosmic Pound:
Just Spin jump before pressing Z.

04: Mastering the Water
While riding a ray rush the wiimote up to jump.
And you can do it swimming in a level with no ray press C to centre the camera.

05: Multiplayer Goodies:

Collect Star bits together
Freeze Enimies
Do a high jump
Make music with your cusors

06: Infinte star bits.

Collect 999 stars bit in sling pod Galaxy after your finsh get the star.

07: Useless Glitches

Go to deep dark galaxy shoot to the right planet find the blue house and crawl into it.
Space junk Galaxy Kamella's Airship attack Long jump the Red Starship and if you Long jump at the right time something will happen.
Go to Dusty dune Galaxy select Star 2 or 5 make your way to the flipswitch time your jump perfectly and something great will happen.

08: 121 Power Stars

As Mario get 120 stars and beat Bowser again in the final battle. You will unlock luigi if you be paicient and as Luigi get 120 stars and beat bowser like Mario Grande Finale Galaxy is unlocked on the Green Star Planet talk to the one that you never saw and Go to Grande Finale Galaxy and collect 100 Purple Coins for a star.