Super Mario Galaxy Tips

Easy Star Bits
Make sure you have a bit of patience, and quite a few lives, not that this is too hard. First off, pick Mario or Luigi. now, go to either:

Gusty Garden Galaxy:
Go to the third star, and go below the island you first end up on. kill the two crawling underground enemies, and once they both died, make sure you get 20 star bits from each of them, totaling 40 star bits. now, go back above and smash the crystal containing a few S-bits. take one of the floating pink weed thingies, and MAKE SURE YOU GET ALL OF THE ? COINS IN THIS LEVEL!!! once you've progressed through the level by collecting all of the ? coins, killing all enemies that pop up along the way, and collecting all the star bits, make your way over to the vine that takes you to the launch star. OMG! you may have noticed that a rainbow star is in its path. once you collect it, make your way to the large rolling boulders and destroy them. Once you have destroyed a few of them, and collecting all the S-bits they dropped, destroy the remaining BROWN boulders by smashing the red jewel on it, with a spin attack. ignore the golden one. Make your way through the rest of the level, and collect all remaining S-bits, gaining almost 300 S-bits every trip!

Hurry Scurry Galaxy:
This one is a lot simpler, and faster. Go to the galaxy, and once there, DO NOT move Mario/Luigi, or the camera. instead, use your star cursor on the Wii remote to collect all of the S-bits that are along the path. once they are all collected (17 every time), either jump/longjump across the gaps, or run the whole path, to the 1-UP Mushroom. once collected, kill yourself. Repeat, until you cannot go past 999 S-bits. DO NOT exit the level., as you will not acquire the S-bits you collected. instead, complete the level by collecting the Power Star at the end.

Hope this helps all the people trying to gain 9999 S-bits, and happy S-bit hunting!