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Super Mario Galaxy Cheats

A new power + Comets + Mushroom Powers + Rainbows + Flowers
Flying Mario Galaxy

To unlock the new power all you need to do is collect 100 purple coins in the gateway galaxy to go back there you need to beat King Kaliente for the second time and get the best star (Grand Star) after collecting 100 purple coins a red star will appear and you will unlock the flying Mario.


Blue Comet: It makes Mario Appear in a different colour and the Mario is Shadow Mario from Mario Sunshine that was actully made for the Gamecube.
The only places i know are: Honeyhive Galaxy, FreezeFlame Galaxy, WaterSlide Galaxy, Golden Leaf Galaxy.

Orange Comet: It make enemies super fast i only know in toy time Galaxy.

Red Comet: It makes you go into a 4:00 petriod of time to beat the level and get the star iv'e only done Dino Pirahna Speed Run and Pull Star Path Speed Run.

Grey Comet: This makes you beat a boss make sure you don't even get hit once or you'll get killed.

Purple Comet: After Completeing the game with any amount of stars a Purple Comet will be unlocked and you will need to ask the purple luma to move it then look at the map and it should be at good at Good Egg Galaxy.

Mushroom Powers:

Bee Mario:
Grab a Mushroom thats Yellow and Brown and then you'll hear a sound then Bee Mario too the rescue.

Boo Mario:
Grab a Boo Mushroom shake the Wii Remote to dissapear (This Mushroom is helpful for getting Luigi in the haunted Mansion.)

Spring Mario:
Grab a Spring Mushroom and turn into a bouncy Mario if you Press A to Jump at the right time you'll do a very high jump and wall jump automaticly

Rainbows aren't in the game only Rainbow Stars are Grab them and you become Rainbow Mario + Invinsible.

Ice: While Getting an ice flower you'll turn all blue like Shadow Mario, And you'll be Ice and you can freeze water.

Fire: Get a fire flower to turn white and red shake the Wii remote to fire fireballs, Burn ememies and light stone candles.

Subbmitted By Nicholas Schembri