Super Mario Bros. review
One of the first, still one of the best

The good:

Simple yet challenging gameplay.

The bad:



Mario's first side-scrolling adventure (released in arcades as Vs. Super Mario Bros.) helped launch the franchise, and the NES for that matter, and now it's also getting another go-around as part of Classic NES Series on GBA. The gameplay's about as simple as it gets-guide Mario through 32 different levels to defeat Bowser and save the Princess.
The nicest thing about the game is just about anyone can pick it up and play-it's exceptionally simple to learn. There's some challenge, though, between enemies and also some tricky puzzles in later levels-don't forget the timer! Graphics, sound, and controls are arcade-perfect with the only differences being no 4-player alternating options and you have to know which buttons to hold to continue (it's tricky).
This game may be 20 years old but what keeps it around is that IT'S STILL FUN! It proves you don't need realistic graphics or blood & gore to make a game excellent-just keep it simple, engaging, and entertaining. If you have an NES or GBA this should be in your game library-GBA release is a great opportunity to give this classic a try for the first time!

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