New Super Mario Bros. Tips

Lots of Cheats, including Secret Exits

Yellow Mushroom with Red spots- Mega Mushroom Toadhouse
Red Mushroom with White spots- Koopashell/Minimushroom/Fireflower/Supermushroom toadhouse
Green mushroom with white Spots- Lives toadhouse


Once you defeat the final boss on W8, and you use a Toadhouse, it stays! Keep using a Lives toadhouse until you have 99 lives

Secret exits and Secret Areas/

Some levels have secret exits. You know this if the flag is red. You'll unlock something:

World 1 Level 2:

On the second tilting seesaw, stand on the left. When the right hand side is up high, quickly run up and jump on the ceiling. A green pipe further behind the other is located, along with Star Coin 3. Collect, then enter for a secret exit.

World 1 Bowser Jr. Tower:

Snag a Blue Koopa Shell first. Get to the first pipe, then you'll boost up. Go in the door you see. You should be in a room with sliding blocks. Get the Star Coin. In a gap on the right hand side wall is another room. Find the invisible bricks (and life mushroom) and use your Shell to break the other bricks. (the yellow pipe isn't a secret pipe

World 6 Sandy Level (cant remember the level number)

At one of the cliffs, you'll see a sandy fall. 2 Lakitu (cloud guy) will throw spiky stuff at you. Sink into the fall for a secret room.A star coin is located here

World 4 level one:

At a row of five briks, with the end ones being ? blocks, get on top of them (by swinging on the vines or by jumping the spiders) Above the middle brick is an invisible block with a vine. Up you go. (The brick might be at normal mario height, so if you are super, you may have to crouch jump to get it)

World 3 Ghost House:

At the end where you press a switch to make a door appear, ignore the door. You want the one all the way back over the steps. It's next to a different door from earlier. The one you want is on the left

World 4 Ghost house:

Grasp a mini mushroom. At the end is a large space going upward. As normal, you usually can't wal kick high enough; but as Mini you can wallkick to the top! The secret exit is through the door

World 5 Ghost House:

At the steep steps, there is three blocks. Above them is three more invisible blocks. Above that is an invisible brick; with a vine. You must crouch jump if you are super. Climb the vine.

World 7 Ghost House:

Through the bottom right door are both the normal and Secret exits. In the Hands room, the Hands point to an invisible moving brick. Its got a switch. Find, and press. iN the above room, to the right is exit. To the left is secret exit. Go left, until you see a block which gives a little shine. It has a vine. Climb.

thats all for now