New Super Mario Bros. Easter eggs

Starman Music thingy!!!
First, go to World 4, and the level before the ghost house (NOT the one
with the path to the mushroom house!) Somewhere in the level, there will
be a block with a Fire Flower, Blue Shell, Starman and a Mushroom. (I think it has a mushroom in it, I don't know) If you get the starman*, get the vine up, climb it, and go to the left. Get the ? block that's there, and it should spit out another starman. Claim it before your time runs out, and you'll hear the starman theme sounds a lot like the Super Mario Galaxy starman theme! Weird, huh?
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  • It will work better if you get the vine up before you get the block.</li>
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It works for me, I have experienced it twice. Good luck!