Super Mario Bros. 3 review
The best Mario title ever

The good:

Excellent variety of gameplay. Mario Bros. minigame included. New variety of items. New enemies.

The bad:

Can't save your progress mid-game.


Proving the old saying "Third time's the charm", Nintendo returned to the old Mario formula and added new stuff to turn out the best-selling NES game of all time. Among the many new additions were lots of cool power-ups (like raccoon suits that enabled flying and a frog suit), new worlds to explore, and new "Koopa kid" bosses. Additionally, you can now store up to 28 items for later use, which adds a bit of strategy to the game. As a bonus, the classic "Mario Bros." returns in the form of a 2-player vs. minigame where you can steal items & goodies from the other player!
Not surprisingly, the new items make the game more fun to play if just because it's much more interesting flying around as a raccoon or jumping around in a giant shoe. Lots of classic Mario enemies return as well, and there are new elements such as mini-fortresses and airships to clear. There are also other minigames in which you can win items & extra lives, adding to the replay value.
Not being able to save your game is a complaint only if you want to clear every stage (don't have to) and don't have 2-3 hours time, but most people won't be bothered with that.
It goes without saying that the reason this game has such staying power is it's just so much fun to play! Find yourself an old NES and this game & enjoy, or look for the updated version, Super Mario Advance 4, on Game Boy Advance.

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