Super Mario Bros. 3 Cheats

99 lives. =]
In World 3, level 9, there is only ONE turtle. Whatever you do, DO NOT kill it. It's the only turtle in the whole level. Stomp on it once, and pick it up. Run through until you get to a bullet bill on the ground. It's not very far. Stand on top of the bullet bill and let the turtle shell go. The second you let it go (this has to be done very quickly, or else the shell gets out of the screen and disappears), jump on top of the blocks above. Be sure not to jump too far to the left to get up there because like I said if the shell gets out of view, it's gone and you'll have to start all over. When you jump up top, stand precisely in the middle inbetween the two bullet bills that are below you. The shell will kill a bomb-omb, and bounce off of the block wall in the middle. It then hits the first bullet bill and bounces back to hit the second. Keep standing where you are in the middle to keep the bullet bills firing back and forth towards eachother. The shell keeps bouncing back and forth killing one bullet bill after another. Shortly after, you get a 1 up. Keep standing there and after the first 1 up you get, each bullet bill it kills after that will give you 1 up after 1 up.