Super Mario Bros. 3 Tips

More white mushroom houses!
The White mushroom houses are in all worlds, not including World 8.

World 1: Level 4, collect 44 coins.
World 2: Level 2, collect 20-something coins(every coin in the level, including the converted bricks)
World 3: Level 8, I haven't counted this one up. Make sure you begin and end this level with a Racoon tail(a "P" wing works better).

When I find the rest out for sure I'll post them.

Also with the White mushroom homes the item you get is depending on the World you are in. Worlds with odd numbers (1, 3, 5, 7) give a "P" wing. Even numbered worlds give an anchor. These get used on the end of world castle. It stops the ship from moving all over the map if you die in the level.