Super Mario Bros. 2 review
Not your usual Mario game

The good:

You can play as Toad & Peach! Different elements of gameplay compared to other Mario titles.

The bad:

DIfferent style of gameplay may not appeal to everyone.


Although this game's title is the same as the Japanese sequel, this version is totally different (Japan's wa like the original SMB). Instead, this title takes Mario & friends to the world of Sub-Con, a dream world of sorts. The gameplay differs because instead of stomping enemies and using fireballs, you have to rely on vegetables & mushrooms pulled from the ground as weapons! Each character also has different atributes-Mario's balanced, Luigi jumps really high, Toad's a strong lifter, and Peach can float in midair-which makes the game more interesting as sometimes stages are best cleared with a certain character.
Graphics are much improved over the first SMB, with more color & detail in the backgrounds. Sound/music are nice but they get annoying after a while. The new controls are responsive although it takes a little practice to use them effectively.
While this is unique as far as Mario titles go, some may be turned off by the lack of koopa-stomping and not racing against the clock. But if you give this one a try you may find it's actually a fun and challenging alternate to the original SMB style of gameplay.

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