Super Mario All Stars review
Great compilation of four...well, three classic games

The good:

4 games in one.

NES games get revamped.

Opportunity to play the real Super Mario Brothers 2 if you don't live in Japan (it's called Lost Levels in this game).

When you lose all your lives in any of the 4 games in this, you must start at the beginning of the whole world, but at least you can save unlike in the NES versions.

The bad:

Too addictive.


Lastability: 9/10.

Let's see. You have 4 games which can be absurdly medium, and they're pretty long. Then you have dying phase where you lose all your hard-earned lives and start at the beginning of the World you died in (lost all lives in 1-4, start again at 1-1). These games are addictive and fairly hard so you'll be playing these for a long time.

Graphics: 9.5/10.

It's a SNES game, so it'd have to be 2-D (with the exclusion of Super Mario RPG). Pretty good job with editing the graphics of the NES games before putting them on the NES.

Sound: 9/10.

Slightly repetitive, but very, very catchy.

Gameplay: 9.5/10.

You go from one side of a level to the other. Gameplay does differ from each game (except Super Mario Brothers 1 and Super Mario Brothers The Lost Levels). With Super Mario Brothers 1, you need to go from one side to the other and get to the flag before time runs out. With Super Mario Brothers 2, you need to kill the boss at the end, as well as pluck things or enemies from the ground, and hurl them at other enemies. With Super Mario Brothers 3, you do the same as you do in Super Mario Brothers 1 but you can skip a level if you can skip it. You can also get bonus lives from mini-games. Overall, very good old-school platforming.

Overall: 4.6/5.0

Great for those who don't have the three or four games (depends on where you live) and has an SNES.

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