Super Mario 64 DS Glitches

Render Star 2 of Tall Tall Mountain Impossible
You need to go to Tall Tall Mountain as Yoshi and choose mission 2, then get Hoot to fly you to the top of the mountain. Then you have to eat the monkey at the top of the mountain, and when he asks for freedom, select 'hold him'. Now walk down the mountain and spit the monkey into the water. Then fly back up to the top, and eat the monkey again. Again, choose to 'hold him', then go to the fence in front of the waterfall and face it. When the monkey asks for freedom again, say yes, and spit the monkey into the waterfall. Now fly back up to the top of the mountain again, and once again eat the monkey. This time, he will not ask for freedom. If you try to spit it out, Yoshi will swallow the monkey, and he will reappear where he last was. Now it is impossible to complete the mission.