Super Mario 64 DS Glitches

Enter Bowser in the Sky with less than 80 stars
Do you want to try this cool glitch? I can't do it, and I'm still trying to. I do it so I can use Luigi in that stage. Ready? Follow these steps.

N.B: I wouldn't try this if I were you. The bottom sidenote shows why.

Go to the room with the Tick Tock Clock. Turn right, and clamber onto the second step. Position yourself so that you are in between the corner of the step and the corner to slide in to, and charge up a run. Then slide with R and A into that corner. It will take time, but you will be shot into the sky, and from there can navigate their way to the top of the Endless Stairway and enter Bowser in the Sky with less than 80 stars.

N.B 2: However, if this happens, the player will be sent back out of the castle and the game will lose some sound effects.