Super Mario 64 DS Cheats

Unlimited 1 ups
To get unlimited 1 ups, go to Cool,Cool, Mountain. It's the one on the bottom floor. Set it to the 1st star. Go into the cottage and slide down the slide. As you go, you will see this row of 5 coins that go right into the wall, slide and get the coins. Keep sliding though because the wall is magic. You will go straight through the wall and you will slide straight through a small tunnel. In the tunnel there are 2 1 ups, you will then be shot out of the tunnel and onto a ledge. Go across the ledge and you will come to a yellow box. Hit the box for another 1 up. Next jump down and go out the door to get the star. Get the star. Next, go back into the painting and do it all over again until you have what you want.