Super Mario 64 DS Tips

get luigi.(easy.)
how you get luigi is you go to the courtyard.(on eather side of main hallway.)and you might see a boo go into the yard.follow it and the look at all the boos and ground pound/punch the big boo.And a little cage will fall on the ground.Jump into it and win the first level.How to do the lvl is punch all the boos and the do a big boo and then you win.Then go in on the world "the boo mery go round." now go upstairs (2nd floor.)and go to the room with the bookshalves.Then go on the platform with a ? box.(go in as mario.)get the box,float up ,and go in the door.go in the farris wheel and keep going in doors till you see a room and see one of those eyes.(and 1 boo.)keep going till you get into a smaller room.go in the doors till you get to a room with platforms.use them until you get to a room with luigis picture.Then you come to a giant mirror.keep walking aginst the mirror.then you turn to luigi.defeat king boo by punching him.(not groundpound!)3 times and you win!have fun