Super Mario 64 DS Unlockables

Secret Stars
UnlockableHow to unlock
Secret Slide 1Go into the room that you switch charicters in and immediately turn right. Jump into Peach's stained glass window. You get one star for completing the slide.
Secret Slide 2You get a second star for finishing the slide in under 21 seconds. To do this jump off the edge on the left; right before the first steep drop. With some practice you will land on the slide below.
Sunshine Isle Secret 5 Silver Star CourseFirst, get 1 star and enter the princess's room. Next, enter the princesses Rec Room through the double doors without the keyhole. Turn left and you should see a picture of an Island. Jump into it and you will be transported to the Sunshine Isle. There is only one star on this course (5 Silver Stars).
The Secret of the Battlefield 5 Silver Star CourseFirst, unlock Mario by getting 8 stars and defeating the "All-Powerful" Goomboss. Then, go in the door without any stars on it and follow the giant Boo to the door at the end of the hall. Turn to your Character's right and when you see the three red Brick Boxes, Ground Pound them. You should see a hole in the gratings. Jump in and you should be in The Secret of the Battlefield Course. Just collect the 5 Silver Stars and get the Power Star.
Red ? Block Tower CourseFirst, get 14 stars. You should then see a beam of light coming from the ceiling of the main room to the Sun-ish Painting-Mat. Go on the mat and use first person view to look up at the cieling(You should be Mario). You will be transported to a world with a Tower in the middle. Oh, and you will be wearing Mario's famous Wing Cap and flying in the air. There are 8 red coins and on the tower there is a red switch.
Under the Moat 2 starsDrain the moat surrounding the castle (if you haven't done so already by ground pounding the two pillars in the water in the basement) and use Wario to break the big black box. There are two stars, one with the red coins and another on the opposite side from where you start. You'll likely need to grab a Mario cap and then use his powerup to float to it.
Mirror Room StarGo into the room with mirrors upstairs as Luigi. There should be a power flower in there so get it and use Luigi to go right through the mirror. You can go through the back door also. Go through the door and then you've found a secret star.
Aquarium StarIn the room with the Jolly Roger Bay painting, there is a hole in the wall on left side. Jump up and enter it to get into a secret underwater level. Collect 8 red coins for a star.
Luigi Painting StarWhen you go into the painting where you rescue Luigi, go to the wooden platform where there is a red block in the center. You will need Luigi for this. Hit the block to turn Luigi invisible. Now run to the right if you didn't turn when you jumped onto the platform. When you go to through the door, take a long jump to the platform to your left. Next run over the falling stairs and jump in the painting of a ghost at the end. If you are not fast at this game then you need to practice a little more because you only have about 30 seconds.
Toad Star 1Talk to toad next to the entrance of the Hazy Maze level as Yoshi and he will give you a secret star.
Toad Star 2Speak to the Toad near the entrance to Tall Tall Mountain.
Toad Star 3Speak to the Toad near the entrance to Tick Tock Clock.
Boo Courtyard StarDefeat the boos in the castle courtyard when they appear and claim their red coins. If this is no longer possible then you can pick up the missing star from any of the three Toads that give you another star.
1 star extra in all the levelsin a level (all of them work)collet 100 coins and you will get a star