Super Mario 3D Land review
Review of Super Mario 3D Land

The good:

I have many good things to say about this game so I will start with the number of levels.
Overall I thought there wasn't many levels in this game after I first got it, based on the fact there were only about five per world. However after I unlocked the special worlds this all changed. Overall the special worlds have the same amount as the starting eight worlds so this effectively doubles the amount of levels making a grand total of around 90.

The Gameplay is just great and there are no other words for it. Mario is very smooth to control and you can move were you want with relative ease. After Mario obtains a Super Leaf which turns him into Tanooki Mario the gliding or slow falling that comes along with the power up is just great. It makes jumping over rough areas of a level much easier than with Super Mario. It helps allot when jumping from platform to platform particularly if they are spinning or moving in some way. The Boomerang Suit is very well done and is certainly a nice power up. It enables Mario to throw a boomerang at his enemies. I found this to be pretty effective overall in defeating them. The boomerang can also be used to collect items such as coins or star coins. I also found this to be useful while playing. Another thing I really like about the boomerang suit is the fact that it's boomerangs can break brick blocks. The Statue Leaf is my favorite power up in the game and the one I find to be most useful. It turns Mario into Tanooki Mario, but it also allows him to turn into a statue when he ground pounds. While in the statue form Mario can defeat metal spikes and balls, and he can also not be seen by enemies. He is effectively invincible while in the statue form which I found to be really cool. The cannons in the game are well done and relatively easy to aim. Almost every time you get into one they will have some kind of ring up for you to shoot through. Thus this pretty much allows you to shoot with 100% accuracy. So overall the gameplay of the characters and the power ups was very well done.

The 3D effects
The 3D effects in the game are just amazing, and really well done. It certainly is a really cool 3D experience when you play this game in true 3D. However overall I did not find the 3D effects to effect gameplay all that much. I have played the game with the 3D effects on and off and I did not encounter that much of a difference in gameplay. In other words there's not really anything that you can't complete in the game without the 3D turned on. Sometimes it may make certain levels easier to complete but not by much. In other words the 3D is really great and I like it allot but it's not needed to get through the game.

Overall I would give the graphics of this game a 10/10 because they are just amazing. The levels and the characters are all smooth and have all the details. At many points in the game I had to remind myself I wasn't playing Super Mario Galaxy.

So over all my like list will way overtake my dislike list. However I do have dislikes so on to the next section.

The bad:

Overall I was kind of disappointed at the difficulty in the game. Many of the levels are pretty short and pretty easy. After I got to the special worlds I expected things to get really hard based on what I've heard so I was looking forward to it. However it changed little through the first few special worlds. After I got deeper in the difficulty level did rise but not by a big margin like I expected. Don't get me wrong there was a couple of levels were I saw my lives drop but overall not that much. So if you are a good gamer and you want a challenge you will more than likely not get it. This is only a small part of the game however and the levels themselves more than make up for it. Plus if you are a newer gamer you will find it difficult.

One thing I found plain odd about the game is the huge number of lives you end up with. As of right now I have around 520, You heard me, 520 in a Mario game. So I found this to be little weird and very unlike other Mario games. Of course the main factor with this is how common the lives are. It's very easy to obtain a life by reaching the top of the end of level flags, plus the coins are very abundant. Every time you get 100 of them you gain a life which for me being someone who explores and collects as many coins as possible happens allot. So overall I was surprised they didn't just have you start out with a set number of lives like in both Galaxies every time you started the game. Ether that or make lives a little less common. The Tanooki Suit really helps as well with jumping because of it's hover ability. So some levels can be very difficult using Super Mario or some other power up. So if you want challenge do this.

That's pretty much all I have to say about my dislikes of the game and I'll now make my comments.


So overall I give this game a 4.5/5.0 because it's just a great old school game. The graphics surprised me and were all I could have hoped for. The game has crazy re playability even if the lives are as common as they are. It seems like I continually find myself replying levels over and over even before I finished the game. The power ups are just amazing as well both the retro and the new Boomerang Flower. I was hoping to maybe see other retro power ups return but what can you do. So this is just a great game and I would recommend it to anyone who likes action adventure. Or even anyone in general for that matter, because I can't see anyone being dissatisfied with it.

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