: : : : : : : Infinite lives in World 4-1

Super Mario 3D Land Tips

Infinite lives in World 4-1
Here is another way to easily get 1000+ lives.

Go to world 4-1, at the beginning go up the stairs that the two koopas walk down. At the top, there is one koopa walking back and forward in front of a small pond. When he is turning around on the left wall jump on his head, don't jump on him the second time just yet! When he is in his shell, kick him toward the small platform in the middle left of the pond (should be right in front of the shell you just hit). After this, he should be bouncing back and forward in between the two platforms. Wait for the goombas to get killed by him (They should walk toward you) and then jump on top of the shell! STAY STILL AFTER JUMPING ON IT! Your lives will now shoot through the roof! Do this until the time runs out and do it again until you have the max amount of lives!