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Super Mario 3D Land Tips

Unlimited Lives Trick
In World 1-2 it is possible to collect Unlimited Lives! Right after the Checkpoint Flag, in the area with the 3 Koopa Troopa's, collect the Super Mushroom/Fire Flower in the lone Item Box in between the Triple Item Boxes, as you will need to be Super Mario to pull this off correctly. After doing so, align Mario with the end of the last Triple Item Box, face it, and wait for the Koopa Troopa to walk towards you. When he has almost reached you, jump up high enough so you will jump on him, and do absolutely nothing.

If done correctly, the shell will hit the wall, and just as you are about to land, it will arrive at your feet, bouncing you back up, and you'll kick it again, continuously earning 1-ups until the time runs out, or you move.