Super Mario 3D World review
Good fun for family and / or friends

The good:

Plenty of levels
Selectable characters

The bad:

No free roaming camera
Some levels feel boxed in


The following review will use the following weighted scoring system:
Graphics - 20%
Plot - 5%
Game Play - 50%
Music / Sound - 10%
Replay Value - 15%

Super Mario 3D World has the same cartoony look as the previous Mario games with bright, vibrant games. The game looks decent in HD. There are no "wow" moments, but this was a solid effort by the development team for 3D World. (8.0 / 10)

Bowser and his minions are causing trouble for the Sprixie Kingdom. The leaders are pixie like characters that are kidnapped. It's up to Mario, Luigi, Princess Peach, and Toad to put a stop to Bowser. As with most Mario games, the plot doesn't matter much. It just introduces the game. (3.0 / 10)

Game Play
If you played any previous Mario platforming game, you will know what to expect here. If this is your first Mario game, expect solid controls, a variety of levels, and fun for the everyone. Controls are well done and tight. Players have the choice of a variety of control schemes and controllers. Naturally, the first choice is the GamePad. The GamePad might be a little big for small hands, but other most people shouldn't have a problem. In fact, there are certain levels that utilize the touch screen on the GamePad. Players can also choose a Wii Remote Plus standalone, Wii Remote Plus with Wii Pro Controller, and the Wii U Pro Controller. The biggest thing with 3D World is the fact that it is the first 3D Mario game to be multiplayer. Up to four people can play a level. Also, as a nod to Super Mario Bros 2. (USA version), players can choose what character to play (finally!). In the New Super Mario series, player one was always stuck with Mario or Luigi for Super Luigi. Each character has certain characteristics. Mario is the balanced character with no strengths or weaknesses. Luigi jumps a little higher with a brief flutter. Toad dashes the fastest, and Princess Peach has a float jump which will carry her further than any other character. Nintendo has decided to make multiplayer a frienemy affair. Of course, players will need to cooperate to complete each level, but there is a competitive aspect as the game will rank players on performance. The top performer will receive a crown in future levels. Therefore, it make cause a few friendly fights to obtain that crown.

Level Design
The levels are separated into Worlds as expected as well as the Worlds look like they follow a theme: plains, deserts, snow, etc. However, not all levels follow the themes which is a refreshing change. There are a variety of ideas in place where new meets old as well as nods to other Mario franchises such as Mario Kart. I will say that after experiencing the Galaxy games, many of the levels of 3D World feel boxed in. It also doesn't help that the cameras is pretty much in a fixed position instead of a free roaming 3D camera. Players can only change the camera angle slightly. Each level has three green stars to collect. Sometimes, especially with the boss levels, a certain amount of green starts are required to unlock that level. Therefore, a certain amount of grinding is involved to progress in the game. Players have the option of turning on Miiverse ghosts. These ghosts are other players who have completed the level. They will appear as fairies / pixies. The idea is that players can use this to discover hidden areas or compete against speed run times. I don't personally use it because I think it makes the screen a little too cluttered, and it is hard to focus on what my character should be doing.

Power Ups
One look at the case cover for 3D World will tell you what the main power up does in this game: Cat Suit. With the cat suit, Mario and company can climb up walls for a short distance. They can claw attack enemies as well as perform mid-air pounce attacks. Returning are fire flowers, invisibility stars, boomerang suit, and tanooki suit. Finally, there is the clone cherry. This will make a clone of your character. I have seen up to four clones which would make five characters total to control which becomes tricky at times. Finally, certain levels have level specific items such as a coin box head or cannon box head. In other words, these items only last for that level. They do not carry over into other levels. Game Play score: (8.5 / 10)

Music / Sound
The music sounds like Mario music should which is nice, cartoony, and pleasant. I won't be downloading the sound track, but I won't be turn off the music either. Sounds are the usually assortment of jump sounds and other Mario sounds. Nothing sounds distorted or harsh. (7.0/10)

Replay Value
As mentioned, each level has three green stars to find. These stars can unlock levels later even well after the main game is done. There are also stamps to collect in many of the levels. These stamps can be used to create Miiverse posts. Also, after the main game is finished, there is a level where players can unlock a fifth character. Therefore, even after the main game is complete, there is plenty more to do. (8.5 / 10)

Overall Thoughts
This is another solid Mario game, and it should be considered by any Wii U owner. This game can be enjoyed by families, a group of friends, or an individual person. This is a job well done by Nintendo.

Final Score
8 * .2 = 1.6
3 * .05 = .15
8.5 * .5 = 4.25
7 * .1 = .7
8.5 * .15 = 1.275

Total = 7.975 rounded to 8.0

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GamerGirlx3 Mar 19, 14
I honestly adore this game. I play it all the time
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