[edit] Background

This isn't just the first 3D Multiplayer Super Mario title on the Wii U. It's the first 3D Multiplayer Super Mario title on any platform!

[edit] Gameplay

Bowser is at it again with his son and the Koopalings, but this time things are much different: he didn't kidnap Princess Peach! Rather, Bowser went and kidnapped a number of Sprixies, a species of fairy creatures that are greenish in appearance. Mario and friends pursue Bowser through a strange pipe to the Sprixie Kingdom to rescue the Sprixies and once again stop Bowser's plot!

[edit] Features

  • For the first time since Super Mario Bros. 2, play as Toad or Princess Peach!
  • Each character has their own styles and unique abilities. For example, Princess Peach can glide in the air for a short time, while Luigi has his trademark jump that's higher than Mario's but slower.
  • Pick up a Super Bell to pick up a Cat Suit. This is a new power-up that allows the player to scale walls, run faster and launch unique attacks.
  • New puzzle elements are added to make the gameplay even more unique, including transparent pipes and vertical conveyor belts!
  • Use the touch screen on the Wii U's Game Pad to search for secrets, such as hidden blocks, and to temporarily freeze your enemies in their tracks!
  • For up to 4 Players simultaneously.

[edit] Hardware

  • 1 Wii U Game Disc

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Symphonic Abyss
Jan 24, 14 9:17pm
Oh no...forgot I have to beat all of the levels with all of the characters. Guess I know what I'm doing tomorrow. Night, Neo! SuperMario3DWorld
Symphonic Abyss
Jan 23, 14 9:43pm
Now working towards World Crown! I have all Stamps + Green Stars up until World Castle - Keep so far. SuperMario3DWorld
Symphonic Abyss
Jan 5, 14 8:33pm
Wow. That final boss was amazing. I'm definitely impressed by this game! Main story complete, gonna tackle the special stages eventually. SuperMario3DWorld
Symphonic Abyss
Jan 5, 14 4:43pm
Loving the fact that there are actually different levels in this one. No gimmicks, just complete level design. SuperMario3DWorld
Symphonic Abyss
Jan 5, 14 12:31am
gonna watch some Netflix, then return to either this game or Wind Waker. The decisions. SuperMario3DWorld
Symphonic Abyss
Jan 4, 14 10:32pm
Mount Must Dash is my new favorite level. <3 Super fun just to run. SuperMario3DWorld
Symphonic Abyss
Jan 4, 14 6:07pm
Absolutely adoring these powerups! SuperMario3DWorld
Symphonic Abyss
Jan 4, 14 9:49am
Just got this off of eShop! Looking forward to playing when the download is complete. SuperMario3DWorld
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  • Publisher: Nintendo
  • Developer: Nintendo
  • Genre: Platformer Action (wii-u)
  • Perspective(s): Third Person
Release Dates
  • North America: Nov 22, 2013
  • Japan: Nov 21, 2013
  • Europe: Nov 29, 2013
  • Australia: Nov 30, 2013
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