Super House of Dead Ninjas Complete FAQ v1.7
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Super House of Dead Ninjas Complete FAQ

by Skire   Updated to v1.7 on
Super House of Dead Ninjas

My 'name' is Skire.  I can be contacted at 

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I am open to any criticisms comments and definitely any tips or information
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The TLDR Version
First and foremost: YOU SHOULD USE A CONTROLLER.
You're going to die, a lot.
Your deadliest attack is the Almighty Air Spin, performed by holding across 
and down in the air.  You could  even spend most of the game just jump 
spinning into enemies and do fairly well.  If you hold direct down you do
what's called a jackknife strike, which is almost as good, it's just that
it only strikes enemies below instead of including the ones on your sides.
If you hold jump you slow your fall, which works well with the almighty air
This game isn't always clear about what is unlocked over time and what you 
have to unlock within one game.
The dynamite is freaking awesome, you want it.
Blow up wall tiles with blue markings.
Crouching for a few moments lets you super jump.

Using ALT-F4 or choosing 'restart' does NOT save progression or unlocks.


Just in case you're new to searching faqs:
You'll notice that each section has a bit of text in square brackets if you 
search for that (ie copy the text, ctrl+f, paste) it'll take you straight 
to that section.

Tips			[TIP]		
Controls		[CTRL]
Melee Weapons		[MW]
Projectile Weapons	[PW]
Bombs			[BOM]
Magic			[MGC]
Upgrades		[UPG]
Other			[OTH]
Enemies			[ENM]
Bosses			[BSS]
Abarghus' Domain	[ABD]
Transdimensional Leakage[TDL]
Thankyous		[THX]

If you haven't done so already, read the TLDR version for some a couple of
When you're in RAGE mode, you are invincible and you kill all normal enemies 
in one hit.  Melee kills give you more rage, projectiles never give rage.
Named Enemies are often tougher and always drop something.
Don't be afraid of dying in the tutorial area.  You can bounce around through 
there like a complete fool testing things or whatever and die as often as you 
like, it doesn't count till you leave.
SKULL PICKUPS should always be avoided.  They do random nasty things.  Set your
time to 0, teleport you back up a few floors, take away all of your ammo and
You can attack faster when crouching.

Tutorial Rage:
You can of course, skip most of the small tutorial level.  But if you fight
through it quickly enough (easy to do) you can leave in full RAGE mode every
time.  Don't worry about being too careful, you don't lose lives when you die
in there.


This game has now updated to let you use a controller without needing a third
party program like xpadder to set them to keyboard keys.
You are really going to want a controller, trust me.

Default keyboard

Arrow Keys:	Move/jump
Z:		Melee
X:		Shoot
C:		Bomb
Space:		Spell

Default (xbox) controller
Joystick:	Move/jump
A:		Jump
X:		Melee
B:		Shoot
Y:		Bomb
ZR:		Magic

Hold down while jumping to pile drive.  This kills most things in one hit
Hold down and across while jumping to air spin.  This kills most things in 
one hit
Hold jump to float.
Hold towards a wall to slide down.
Hold towards a wall and jump to cling.
Bombs can be thrown further by holding the button down longer.
Hold down for a few moments and you'll flash (oo-ahh) and be able to super
jump, which is handy against most bosses. NOTE: if there is a roof close 
above you, you can't super-jump.

Personally I'm not a fan of the default controls, I much preffer to have jump
as a trigger button (though I had to use xpadder to make that happen) and 
A as my jump.  I find it's better to not risk accidentally jumping, but use
whatever works for you.


This game has an excellent range of melee weapons, usually accompanied with a
witty or brain gouging pun.  There's a few different weapons I would list as
'my favourite' with one standing only just above the others in general 

Your starting weapon, naturally.
Unlock: 	You've got it, duh

Katana of Miffed Barbarians
The auto-behead version.  Kills most enemies in one hit.
Unlock:	Kill any minion (boss) with ONLY the Katana. 
Not as hard as it sounds, just take note of the word ONLY.

Really fast, really small attack range, really not that good.
Unlock:	Kill Spite 
Spite is the one that constantly bounces and drops bombs.

Ruby Nunchucks of Mild Discomfort
MUCH better.  You can deflect projectiles with these babies, quite handy.
Unlock:	Kill a minion(boss) in under 30 seconds.
No that hard once you get used to the different minions patterns, which 
doesn't take long.

This weapon has 4 squares of reach, but is slower to use.  At first it might 
seem far too slow, but all the enemies have quite predictable AI (hell a lot 
of them just run at you) so it's simply a matter of pushing attack that 
little bit earlier. 
I also find it's great for building up rage and keeping it going, that little 
extra bit of distance makes all the difference.
When hanging onto a wall (hold jump and towards the wall), this weapon will 
do a downwards strike.  Which I'm sure some people find useful but I've yet 
to use it except for one unlocking requirement.
Finally, it has the hidden advantage of being able to open two bonus chests at 
Unlock:		Kill Rage
Rage is the minion that alternates between running side to side and jumping 
from wall to floor.

Ultra Super Mega Kusarigama
Very good weapon. It of course has the four square reach, slower strike, 
angled wall strike and ability to open two chests at bonus once.  But on top 
of that, it destroys traps, and when I say traps....I just mean it destroys 
spikes.  But still!
Unlock:		Kill ten enemies with the wall strike of the Kusarigama.
This is a little annoying, but not too hard.  It just means that you have to 
spend a while clinging to walls where you'd normally just stab and be done.  
Remember, hold jump and towards the wall to cling.

Taming Whip of the Many Nuns
Now how can you not love a weapon with a name like that? 
It also has a very satisfying whip crack sound effect, and on top of all this
it's also a damn good weapon.
It has a three square reach, strikes instantly, and can pull items towards 
you.  Note that it can also (and often does) pull items so they go over your 
head and land behind you.
Unlock:	Behead ten enemies.
This one is very easy, you may even get it by accident.  The upgraded katana 
and/or Shuriken will get you garunteed beheading with most enemies of you're 
having trouble.

Light Saber Blaster
This weapon is better than the in-game description would have you believe.
Not only is it fast, it's also strong!  It kills most enemies in 1 hit.
It's removal of corpses is a side benefit, but a nice one, removal becomes
more important the further you go into the game.
Unlock: Defeat two minions and Abarghus in one go.
Basically you have to play through the entire main game without using a
continue.  Harder than it sounds I know, but with enough practice, patience
and using just the right swear words, you can get there.

Baseball SplatBat
This weapon has a SLOW swing speed, which also makes it worse at fury
generation, simply because of the extra time it takes to use.  It also
has the odd drawback of making you stand when you swing.  This means you can't
use it to break blocks below you or swing it when you are ducking under spikes
It deals three points of damage, which is pretty strong but the bat really
isn't worth it unless you're going for a challenge or want to look awesome
being a master of the bat, also it's amusing to knock enemies flying

Early Morning Star
This weapon has an unexpectedly fast swing.  It hits things in front of you,
things behind you, and things below you.  However...  It doesn't hit very far
below you, not so much as half a level.  So it mostly kills things you would
spin into.  Not only that but the swing below can be a drawback, like when
you're on a destructable ledge above spikes. I also found the swing offputting 
but that's probably just my issue.  Finally, I didn't get this weapon till 
after I fell in love with the Light Saber Blaster.  I'd gotten VERY used to 
killing most things in a single swing, when you go back to multiple hits it is
an adjustment.  I also got very used to not worrying about exploding or spiking
Maxyfrax has given some important information about a glitch with the star, he
reported that after killing a boss, about 50% of the time your weapon vanishes.
Leaving you stuck with no melee attacks other than the almighty air spin.

Projectile weapons don't generate rage, which automatically put them on the
backburner for me.  But as I progressed through more difficult areas I got
used to using them in places where it's just foolish to risk death.  The melee
is still very much the main source of killing, but projectiles have their uses

Your starting projectile weapon, naturally.
Unlock: 	Duh
It's fast, it flies across the screen, and you can pick up stars by running 
over them.

Shuriken of the Headless Brotherhood
A fairly big upgrade really, auto-kills most enemies
Unlock: Get into RAGE mode.
The only thing you need to know besides kill stuff, is that projectiles don't 
generate rage.

Know what you call a boomerang that doesn't come back? A boomerang.  Only the 
toy ones come back, the weapon ones never do, but oh well.  This being a video
game the boomerang does indeed come back.  Oh, and it should be noted they do
have one distinct advantage over other projectiles, they go through walls.
Unlock: 	Score  150,000 points.
Fairly straight forward, you just have to get a decent high score.  Note that 
when you run out of lives and click RETRY, you start with a new score of 0.

Battle Bash Boomerang
Same as boomerang but longer range.
Unlock: 	Kill four enemies at once with Boomerang.
Fairly easy to get really, just keep your boomerang at the ready for one of 
the many clusters of t-hit enemies you have to deal with.

Remember castlevania?  The axe is pretty similar to that.  It's tricky to use 
but goes both high and low, so if you master it you could be great at taking 
are of all sorts of enemies with ease.... I never mastered it
Unlock: 	Kill Doom
Doom seems to be a rarer minion.  His attack style is simply to descend with 
a couple of flame statues, ascend, repeat.

Axe of the Hefty Hefters
Same as the normal but does twice as much damage... to non-boss enemies.
Unlock: 	Kill 100 enemies with an axe.
Oh dear gods was this annoying to do, I don't remember if it is 100 
in one game or all up.  Feel free to let me know if you know for sure.
Ammo is a tricky thing.

Took a fairly long time for me to get this one.  You can hold shoot to charge 
it up and deal more damage (up to three points).  I haven't found it very 
useful though.  And no, it doesn't stop other projectiles.
Unlock: 	Get 250,000 points (in a single game)
Should be easy right?  It's not like you'd get to around the 240k mark and 
keep dying, right? *sob*
Remember that pretty much everything gives points, enemies, pickups, etc.   

The Token Gun
As you'd expect, the bullet travels instantly to wherever you're pointing at 
with a satisfying bang.
Unlock: 	RAGE for 30 seconds in a row
This one is a combination of skill and luck to get, I actually unlocked it on
one of my first plays by coincidence.  I find it's easier to maintain rage 
with the Kusarigama.  Don't forget RAGE makes you invincible and makes your 
attacks stronger.  Also don't forget RAGE is melee only, no projectile kills.

The Ricochet of Litigious Possibilites
I haven't used this weapon a great deal, it just doesn't seem very useful.
Unlock: 	Kill an enemy with a launched bomb
This one isn't actually very hard either, you simply have to melee a bomb at 
an enemy.

Laser Sandwich
This one can be quite useful in later levels.  Use it to stop red skeletons 
coming back and to stop the spikey guys, uh... spike.
Unlock: 	Get 30 kills in a row with the gun.
Say it with me now: AMMO.  By the time you set your sights on this prize 
you'll want to have at least a couple of the projectile capacity upgrades. 
Either way you're still going to need some luck with ammo collecting.  Oh, 
also note that destroying spikes, grass, wooden polls etc count as kills, so 
leave that crap alone!

This thing is awesome.  It destroys anything a bomb can (so long as you can
hit it).  Use it to clear out hazards like lightning clouds, laser turrets,
all manner of things! Note that you can duck and shoot along the ground.
But note that you can kill yourself if you're too close though so look out.
Unlock:		Rescue 50 Fairies.
This is one is straight forward enough, but is going to take a while.  Just
remember to look for blue markings on any wall tiles.  You'll notice they
are generally in the same place in commonly generated areas.  For it to 
count as rescued you aren't allowed to quit mid-game, just play till you've 
lost your last life (and you can quit from there).

Dusty Spear of Destiny
This weapon provides me with endless joy.  Seeing it go through enemy after 
enemy in a row and then impaling in a wall, it's just beautiful man.  The 
spear is a little strange in that you only ever have a capacity of one.  You 
have to go pick up your spear again to use it, but it doesn't disappear like
shurikens do. YOu never get any ammo pickups for it, once it's gone it's gone
Unlock: 	Kill five enemies with one cocktail
Fairly easy, the only tricky bit is unlocking the cocktail...

The Thrower of Flamey Stuff
This only has a 4 tile range but is VERY deadly and slaughters most bosses.
Unlock:	Use 1,000 projectiles in a single game.
This one sounds impossible to get by normal means, however there's a handy
little exploit as discovered by gamefaq's user _Unowninator_ . Just hang out
in the tutorial room with shurikens.  Stand right up at the wall and shoot
your little heart out.  You immediately pick them up as you shoot them.


Your starter bomb.
Unlock: 	I refer you to the description.

Boom Boomathon
Same deal as before, but now you can detonate it at will.  It still explodes 
on it's own after a while.
Unlock: 	Finish a minion(boss) off with a bomb.
This one can be a little tricky, but once you learn the movement patterns of, 
say, Doom or Rage, it shouldn't be too bad.  It's also easier if you use a 
shrapnel bomb.

This one tends to explode the moment it lands, so you usually want to avoid 
the short throw unless you're standing on an edge.
Unlock: 	Talk to Smither three times.
Smither is that nice little skeleton that accompanies the bonus chests (he 
has some very interesting poses sometimes).  Note that you have to actually 
stop on him and let all the text appear.  I'm not entirely sure if he's 
random or if there are requirements to have him appear, I'll get back on 
this later.

Molotov Mazel Tov
The jewish version of this bomb has longer lasting flames, and wider 
horizontal range, just cuz.
Unlock: 	Kill yourself with a molotov.
If you're like me than you unlocked this the first time you tried a molotov.

Shrapnel Bomb
Explodes into peices that fly out and can kill nearby things.
Unlock: 	Reach the first minion(boss) without killing ANYTHING.
Note that destroying spikes count as killing.  
You have a little kill score on the bottom left of your screen so keep 
an eye on that.
This will probably take you a few retries.

Shrapnel Bomb of Mass Inconvenience
This version can stick to walls and ceilings, which I do indeed find 
Unlock: 	Kill three enemies with one shrapnel bomb.
Very easy to do, especially with shrapnel pieces.  There are many clusters of 
enemies you can wipe out.

The Annoying Grenade
This grenade is VERY annoying.  For one, it doesn't explode till after it 
stops moving.  It bounces straight through enemies and off of explosive walls.
So it has very little practical use.
Unlock: 	Play the game 10 times
It seems such a simple goal, but I've had problems defining exactly what 
'play' means.  For me it only unlocked when I reached Abarghus the 10th time,
but others seem to have gotten it before.  Perhaps it was changed in the
patch, I don't know, but I'm glad to hear it is different for future players

Jelly Bomb Of Wobbly Destruction
Destruction is definitely the word for this beast.  It bounces about three
times and explodes with each bounce.  It's VERY destructive, and quite fun.
Unlock: 	Play the game fifty times.
Given the odd way 'play' works, or worked, this took me a VERY long time.
But if it is simply 50 plays, it should be a breeze.  Don't forget that
choosing restart or alt-f4ing doesn't save unlock progress.

Sticky Bomb
It bounces like a normal bomb, explodes within normal time.  The difference
is, as you'd expect, if it touches an enemy it'll stick to them.  So that's
good for moving enemies, but there's better explosives out there.
Unlock: 	Kill an EX Minion
Ex Minions are powered versions of the standard ones, only available in the
Transdimensional leakage area.

Calamity Caltrops
This 'bomb' is simply spikes waiting to be walked over.  It can't destroy 
anything besides walking enemies, which makes it fairly weak in my opinion.
Unlock: 	Spend five minutes in water.
Relax, it doesn't mean five in one game, just over time.  Feel free to swim 
about for a bit when you know there's a +time item nearby.  

Dynamite Death Dealer
LOVE this one, definitely my favourite.  It can blow up anything except for 
walls that lead to outside.  There are so many times when you can take 
shortcuts passed things with this little baby.
Unlock: 	Collect 3 Transdimensional Tickets.
You know those letters that you collect?  If you get them all in one game you 
get one ticket.  Once you have three, you have this.

Magic			[MGC]

One of the best times to use magic is when you are in or near a room full of
traps, lightning clouds and/or those bouncing square bricks.  All of these 
things are easy enought to avoid in low numbers, but when they start filling
the screen they always get a taste of my fire, and that's no innuendo.

Lightning Magic from The Heavens
This one has a large vertical shaft of lightning occur, killing everything 
within range.
Unlock: 	No!

Flame Magic from the Pits
This is a large horizontal death dealer.  The one I stick with for no 
particular reason
Unlock: 	Kill 3 enemies with one lightning spell
Yeah you really don't need my help with this one.

Wind Magic from The Bowels
Try not to think about the spell name too much or a fart joke may attack.  
This one sends out one whirlwind for each enemy on the screen, to a maximum
of four.
This means against bosses you only get one piddly little whirlwind of 
Unlock: 	Get 25,000 points in one life.
Fairly easy, just note that one life is just that.  It's not one game, it's 
one of the red things they use as life counters up the top.

Kamikaze Magic
This hits everything on the screen without fail, but costs a life each 
time... pass.
Unlock: 	Rescue two fairy folk in one game.
As noted before, fairies live in wall tiles, sometimes you'll see a blue 
mark on a tile, bomb it for a fairy (most of the time).


These are permanent upgrades that affect you every game.

Number of lives.  It's increased simply by dying a lot, easy peasy.

Each one adds five seconds to your maximum time.  Just keep getting further 
into the game, straight forward (just not easy)

Max ammo.  Surviving for up to 15 minutes is a pain, it'll take a lot of time
and patience. Frozen time (ie at bosses or when talking to ghosts) doesn't 
Also it's the minutes in one game, not over multiple plays, bummer.
If you're really concentrating on these it pays to hang around timers until 
Death appears (or almost appears) so you maximise survival time.
Don't worry, Death goes away once you pick up a timer. 

Max bomb count.   This one is simply getting kills with bombs, it's been a 
while since I got this to max but I'm FAIRLY sure it's counted over multiple 
games.  Will update this once I have confirmation

Increase magic count.  This one is killing enemies plain and simple.  For the
top upgrade you need 300 kills.  This is best done on normal and making good
use of magic to wipe out large sections of spikes.  Each set of spikes is one
kill so go nuts on clusters.

[OTH]	Other

This section is mostly items you can get via random pickup once you have 
unlocked them.

Lucky Unlucky Rabbit's Foot
Effect: 	Makes you more likely to get an item or treasure from crates 
and enemies
Unlock:	Kill 10 named enemies in one game 
Man was this one a huge effort to unlock.  I'd never been lucky enough to get
10 enemies in one play through for so very long.  Eventually I did it via 
Arbaghus' Domain, and even then it was on floor 1500ish.  I doubt I'll ever
get that far again.

The Parachute of Tidy Landings
This is fairly useless actually, but it decreases your chances of dropping 
into a nasty surprise.
Effect:		Auto-activates when you fall more than one floor, gives you 
Unlock: 	Kill Torment.

Aquavita Flippers
Fairly useless, water is not very prominent in this game.  It has a little
unmentioned perk, you can also run across the water surface, which is also
useless, but still kinda cool
Effect:		Swim faster
Unlock: 	Kill ten fish in one game

Accursed Familiar
Handy little dude with a pick.  He takes a moment or two to fly over and
destroy the blocks though.  Despite his in-game description he doesn't
actually do anything to hidden enemies
Effect:		Destroys hidden walls
Unlock: 	Kill Abarghest

Darabont's Magnet
Only seems to appear when you are using shurikens, also: not that handy
Effect:		Pulls nearby used shurikens back to you.
Unlock: 	Collect 50 pickups in one game
I can't say for sure if used shurikens counts towards this or not >_>

Crystal Ball of Dubious Phantasmagoria
This one's quite handy
Effect:		Shows general location of off-screen items
Unlock: 	Take out two enemies with a single pile drive.
Piledrive being when you hold directly down during a jump.

The Devil's Personal X-ray Glasses
Love this item, easy to unlock and good to use
Effect:		Reveals contents of crates and items carried by enemies
Unlock: 	Read the comic
There's a comic in the opening menu you can read, go do that, now.  
Seriously, it takes like a minute at most, I'll wait here.

Shield of The Clumsily Fallen Knight
The shield of a useless dead guy is surprisingly handy.  
The in-game description says it absorbs one projectile, but it works on 
any hit at all.  Note that when it shatters the shards kill enemies.
Effect:		Absorbs one hit and shatters
Unlock: 	Deflect a projectile with the upgraded nunchucks.
Fairly easy to do once you unlock the item needed.

The Magic Duck
Turns everything into squeaky toy ducks, doesn't count as killing.
Also you need to juggle a duck for a later unlock.
Effect:		Transform all onscreen enemies into rubber ducks
Unlock: 	Avoid the Grim Reaper for 20 seconds.
Death is a mean bugger, not only does he trot along at a decent speed, he
also floats through everything and keeps you drained of all rage.
The best way to take this is to start a game at the beginning on normal
difficulty.  Then you want to go a few floors down, clearing everything
then go back up as much as possible and wait for the timer.  This way
when Death first appears you get a kind of a head start, after that you
run like hell and avoid dying and time pickups.

The Foe Randomiser
This is the item that teaches you everything as an enemy.  Spikes can 
turn into monsters, and monsters can turn into spikes.
Effect:		Randomises all onscreen enemies
Unlock: 	Get 20 Cash pickups in one go

3 Extra Lives From on High
This one is WELL worth the trouble of unlocking, an extra three lives
can make the difference between victory and tragedy.
Effect:		+3 lives, doesn't go beyond maximum.
Unlock:		Defeat Abarghus without losing a life.
The main difficulty for me was the random bombs.  It's easier if you have
a fast weapon to deflect them when they are too overwhelming.  The other
main issue is his slam attacks.  I still haven't mastered aim prediction
with that, but it's a lot easier to do on normal than hard.

Very handy boots.  Note that the red spikes (like in boss rooms) still
kill you.
Effect:		Destroys spikes on contact
Unlock: 	Crush 50 enemy skulls in one (?) game
Whenever you behead someone, you can destroy the head by melee-ing it, you
don't have to do it all in the one playthrough either.  Most weapons
have a chance of beheading, some garuntee it.

Mcfly's Time Extender
I like this one, and not just because it references the character of the best 
actor ever ever ever.
Effect:		A rare timer pickup that increases your time to 60 seconds
Unlock: 	Collect a time pickp at the last second
Wait by a time pickup till the clock is flashing one, then pick it up.

Instant Rage – Just Add Anger
I find that this one is semi-useful.  It's a lot more useful if you have 
x-ray specs and know when you're going to get this.
Effect:		Instant RAGE, not to be confused with the boss Rage.
Unlock: 	Behead 20 enemies in one game.
If you're having trouble use the upgraded shurikens and/or katana.

Slowpoke's Genuine Flash Bomb
Ehhh, it's ok
Effect:		Slows down nearby enemies for a few seconds
Unlock: 	Open 20 crates in one game

Slowpoke's Amazing Freeze Time
Not only does it freeze all enemies, it also stops your rage from decreasing
So chances are very good you'll be in full rage before the freeze wears out.
Effect:		Freezes enemies for a few seconds
Unlock: 	Talk to 10 ghosts in one game
Make sure you stop completely at each ghost so that all of it's text has 

Slowpoke's Smartest Smart Bomb
This is one busy pokemon...
Effect:		Destroy all onscreen enemies
Unlock: 	complete the game in under 20 minutes
I can't say for certain if it counts when you start in the third area, but I 
think it does

Le Sac Magique
This one is great when you're low, and kinda useless when you're not.
Effect:		Fills your bomb and projectile supplies
Unlock: 	Survive Horror for 60 seconds
Firstly you'll find this guy in the Transdimensional Leakage area.
The actual survival isn't too hard once you adapt to him, check my boss 
section for guidance.

Ammo Forever
Misleading name, you do get unlimited ammo, but only for a few seconds. But
it does also leave you with max ammo, even if you had none before.  This can
be quite a large amount once you've unlocked enough ammo increasers.
Effect:		Infinite ammo for a short period
Unlock: 	Rage for 60 seconds in a row
This is a combination of luck and timing.  Note that you can enter rage mode
while you are still in the tutorial area.

The Third Leap
It's not bad, not as good as I thought it would be, but not bad.  You can
actually get heaps of air jumps out of it sometimes by jumping around and
holding down.  This can probably be used effectively on the One Armed Ninja
and Abarghus, but that's theory, I haven't tried it yet.
Effect:		Allows you to triple jump
Unlock: 	Juggle a duck for 3 seconds
The first step is to unlock The Magic Duck by avoiding the Grim Reaper for 
20 seconds, thus getting the duck drop. Once you pick up a duck this one is
very easy with a fast weapon, probably not too hard with a slow weapon

Monkey Bane
This sits somewhere between quite handy and kinda annoying.
Effect:		Monkeys flee from you 
Unlock: 	60 seconds total in the air.
That's 60 seconds cumulative, not all at once.  You'll get this one naturally.

The OST of Purebred Ninjinity
Effect:		Download the soundtrack of this game
Unlock: 	Cut three Kinnes in half.
Kinnes are those spikey guys that stand in one place and throw knives

[ENM]	Enemies
Thanks to Emuchu we have a lot of the names, I often put descriptive nicknames
brackets (like this) since they are fairly descriptive and should make 
recognizing them easier.

Technically an enemy in this game, because it counts as killing something 
when you destroy them, remember that.

Karaka (Bouncing Bird)
It's a bird, it bounces up and down in the one spot.  Threat level 0, just 
don't walk into it ok?

Deezi (Blue Walker)
He just walks back and forth, only mildly more dangerous than the bouncing 

Niji (Purple Walker, or possibly Pink Walker, hell it's probably some weird
colour like 'salmon'.  Own up guys, if you own a salmon shirt call the damn
thing pink and get it over with!)
Ooh NOW we're talking, this guy is so dangerous he'll walk off edges.... 

Badoomba (Fat Guy)
This guy typically takes two hits to kill, unless you decapitate him.  Or if 
you piledrive or spin of course.  The fat guy comes in a variety of colours 
but only one flavour, fat.  Named fatties have an extra health.

Knives (Pop Dragon)
At first he might be mistaken for a bit of grass, but when you are near 
enough he pops out and shoots before disappearing again.  As long as you know 
he's there it's easy enough to either duck or kill him before he shoots

This guy can be a pain.  If he sees you he'll run at you, waving his arms. 
He is also the one enemy that will jumpt over pits and (small) blocks to get
at you.  Use a quick weapon or an airspin to take him down.

Pig (Weird Pig... Thing)
I know it's a pig because I've had ghosts claiming to be killed by them.  The 
pig walks back and forth but speeds up when you're on the same level as him.  
He also takes two normal hits to kill so I recommend air spinning at him.

Kinne (Blue Standing Thing That Throws Knives)
Staying true to their nickname, they just stand there and throw knives at you,
much the knives can be jumped but you're better off ducking, especially given
the 'crawling' speed in this game.  Any hit will take them out.

Laser Cannon
These can be killed with bombs and magic.  They move back and forth (or 
sometimes up and down) and shoot lasers at timed intervals, it doesn't 
take long to get the hang of avoiding them

Gror (Thwomp)
They're rocks, they have faces, and they fall down.  What lovely lives they
have.  In later levels you'll find ones with chains so they can at least pull
themselves up instead of having their entire life being about the one fall
they had.

These guys attack from below.  Their annoyance level goes from extreme to
laughable once you discover you can destroy them from above with an air 

That's not a nickname, that's it's actual name.  Up until I got an email
from Emuchu I had thought they simply carried bombs that obscured their
heads, turns out that thing is 100% bomb baby.
Uh... anyway the bomb becomes activate upon death, typically the bomb
is bounced away by your attack so the main thing is just to be sure it
doesn't bounce off a wall and come back at you (any weapons melee can knock
it away again).

Purplish  Statue Guy
This dude is nasty, he sends a wave of death horizontally, it's a bit bigger 
than you, and is usually positioned somewhere that only a very specific spot 
will save you... unless you have upgraded nunchucks, then it's just a matter 
of timing.  Worse still, you need bombs or magic to kill these guys.  Note
that it cannot go through walls, so the game often gives you a small block
to hide behind.

Red Statue Guy
This one is much easier to avoid, he only fireballs directly adjacent to him, 
and even then it can be jumped.  One thing these guys have over the purplish
ones is that their attack goes through walls.  Again, bombs and magic can 
kill these guys

Yup, they sure are

Giz (Frog)
This is, sadly, my biggest nemesis.  It's small and jumps towards you.  It is 
the bane of slow weapons.  Nowadays I mostly air spin at the little buggers.

Random Squidgey Thing that Drops out of Blocks
Ah yes, the aptly named random squidgey thing that drops out of blocks.  He 
doesn't always appear, but he CAN and that is the real problem.  Sometimes 
he'll drop out of destructable blocks, and if he takes you by surprise that's 
a death right there.  He's small, he's grey, he flails about like a fish out 
of water.  He's an evil little... random squidgey thing that drops out of 

Nomit (Little Skeleton)
Aww isn't he cute?  Even his official name is cute!  He walks towards you when 
you land though, so kill the adorable little thing.

Red Little Skeleton
Same deal as the normal one, except this one resurrects after a few moments. 
That can be stopped if you use a weapon like the laser gun that makes the 
bodies disappear on death.  Or you can just move on.

Monk (Evil Hiding Thing)
The only give-away with these guys is their glowing(blinking) eyes.  When you 
are close they materialise and come at you with a knife.  Always be sure to 
listen for their eyes (no, that's not a typo) and keep a look out for them 
too.  You want either a fast weapon or a good air spin to take them down.

Trattip (Spikey Guy)
I often refer to him as an echidna but that's of no matter to you, so why 
even bring it up?  Good question...
When they die their spikes extend from their corpse, then they are similar
to regular spikes except they aren't effected by anything (spike away etc)
Weapons that destroy bodies on kill will prevent them from spiking.

Ball on a chain, typically swinging 360 degrees.  If they are attached to the
ceiling above you, crouching -always- keeps you safe, even if it goes straight
through you, it won't hurt at all.

Yep, the wooden poles that spring up as temporary walls count as enemies too :p

Schimp (Walking Sheild)
Ok so there's actually a tiny guy MOVING the sheild but he's kinda hard to see.
As you'd expect you have to strike him when the sheild is facing away from you. 
This little guy just walks back and forth so it's not too difficult.  Oh, and 
as usual air spin kills him just fine

Madman (Killer Cloud)
He just hugs the wall/floor/etc.  If you don't touch him you're fine.  Bombs 
will kill them.

Ripper (Red Demon)
He flies up and down as well as horizontally, but it's a fairly obvious 
pattern.  One hit one kill.

He hides under a little metal thing and sometimes pops out and throws white 
orbs that bounce around and explode.  He can only be killed when he's up.  
His bombs can be deflected by any weapon

The Purple Knight
So manly is he in his stature he gets a "The" in his name.  He won't do 
anything until you go near, if you do he'll drop his sword down on you unless 
you kill him first.  He's also not vulnerable until then so timing is 

Wum Wum (Grass)
I used to find it amusing that even mowing the grass counts as killing.  But
then Emuchan told me that they are 'ghost worms', the spoilsport!

Invincible Star
Not actually invincible, but it is flashing like it just got the powerup.  
It can be killed with a bomb but typically you would ignore it unless you 
know it has an item or is a named enemy (yeah, it happens)

Eye Pillar
It's a pillar that slows moves back and forth.  One part of it will have an 
eye, hit that part to kill it.  For such an easy enemy it appears rather late 
in the game.  Named ones are typically red and spikey looking.  Their parts
explode a second after death (laser weapons stop that)

Magiclocke (Yellow Robe, AKA That !*@$* Thing)
This guy often just stands there until you attack.  When you do he tries to 
teleport away and throw a wave of death at you (like the evil dragon statue).  
So screw him over with an air spin attack.

They hover in one spot and make a weird noise, very easy, they just don't
generate rage

Yellow Mushroom
It just bounces harmlessly on the spot till you kill him, that's when he sprays
acid.  The acid floats down slowly and the tiniest drop can kill you. The 
light saber stops the acid from appearing MOST of the time.

Cyber Guards
They hide behin a sheild and shoot lazers at you.  Their sheild stops your
projectiles but melee attacks kill just fine.

Airbag of Death
Appears as a small purple line along a gap you could drop in.  When you get
near it inflates and explodes.  Fortunately air spins still kill him.

Fat Crawling Dude
He's fat, he's slow, he takes a few hits.  So why do we care?  We don't, 
unless he's above us.  That's when he vomits acid at you... lovely.

Floating Red Skull
Floats through everything and melee's you.  Takes two hits to kill with a
light saber, generally takes 4 (I think).  If he's below you you can take him
out with the mighty air spin attack.

Green Demon
Basically a vertical version of the red demon.

Purple Spit Shield
This purple shield spits green acid at you as it flies backwards.  Both the
creature and it's spit goes through walls.
The acid can be ducked or jumped but you have to either kill the shield 
quickly or just let it float outside of the level.

Red Spikes
These are completely unkillable, no anti-spike items or powers will do
anything, not even bombs can


At first Rage seems pretty difficult, the way he is always running and 
leaping and killing.
The main trick is simply to watch where he lands after a jump.
First thing you do is hold down so you can super jump over him when he runs 
at you.  At that point he'll probably jump.  So what you do is you sit by a 
wall (away from the spikes).
If he drops in front of you, attack him.  You can even chase and attack as 
he runs off if you have the right gear for it.  
If he drops on the other side (or the middle), quickly hold down, because 
you're gonna need to super jump in a second.
He can actually be double-jumped over, but that takes some precise timing a
nd/or luck.

This guy is actually really easy.
Go near one wall, super jump over him and hit him in the back before quickly 
running to the other wall.  Rinse and repeat.
It's all about distance and timing, he'll only run the whole way across if 
he thinks he'll get you.
You can even, if you feel confident enough, double jump over him.
A handy tip sent in by Emuchu is that you can actually hit him with air spins
as you jump over him despite the weak spot being on his back.  Very good to

Torment EX
He simply moves faster, which simply makes him a huge pain to fight.  If
you can get the timing down there is good use of throwing bombs just before 
jumping so that it explodes on him as he's turning around.  

Follow this jumping jackanninny around and give him what for!  Just don't 
let the bombs blow up on you and you'll be fine

Spite EX
He moves a bit faster and his bombs now explode on impact.

At first this guy looks really imposing, but he's actually the easiest boss 
of all.
He drops down and makes a Red Statue or two appear, then they crumble as he 
goes back up.
Making sure you aren't squashed by him is your first job (best done by standing
near the middle and then going to the side he isn't.  Your second is to 
jump when the statues shoot their flame (if you are within flame range).
Oh also you might want to hit Doom a few times during...
You can throw a bomb as he descends too, get some extra damage going.
It's all about timing the statue evasion.
Emuchu has found a very effective way to kill him,
Step 1: Cling to the wall (just a little below the spikes)
Step 2: Toss boomerang / shurikens / remote bombs / other projectile
Step 3: Dodge everything without even moving
Step 4: Free 1-UP!

Doom EX
This guy is MUCH harder.  He moves faster and his statues can be the wave of
death variety, so it's time to get real good at double jump timing.  Also
note that if the statue is close you can stand on it's head

One-Armed Ninja
Important: You can only hit him when he is standing still.
He runs back and forth, OR jumps back forther.  Throwing bombs, doing melee 
attacks that have medium or long range and is just a general PITA.
Note that his bombs don't hurt you until they explode.
There are three different things he does whilst standing.
1: when stops and raises his sword, he is about to send three projectiles
in the direction he is facing, one horizontal, one vertical, one in between.
2: If his sword is down and behind him, he's about to do a forward slash that
hits a fairly big distance in front.
3: When he has no sword and his hand is in his cloak, he's about to throw 
more bombs.
When he is standing you generally want to hit him (usually in the back) and 
then be ready to jump as he will run towards you no matter what direction
he was facing.
Seems that Emuchu has once again found a better strategy than I, you can
air spin over the ninja, scoring a respectable three points of damage while
at the same time jumping out of the attack zone.

First he'll roar, then let out a random enemy along with a bunch of bouncing 
balls of death (same bombs as the moles).  Kill the enemy and dodge or deflect 
the balls (I make that sound so easy don't I?). Any weapon can deflect them.
Then, he'll roar again and try and hit you. Watch for his arm to finish
raising then move before he brings it down.
When he hits, he tends to leave a platform behind, jump on that because the 
next thing that happens is the room will flood with acid.  When this happens 
the One-Armed ninja is lowered down in a cage for you to attack, because
apparently that poor guy hasn't had enough trouble in his life.

You'll find this guy in the Transdimensional Leakage area. He teleports around
and shoots at you.
His first teleport pattern is two high(ish) areas, low area. It's best to
stand around the middle so you can easily run to either side depending on 
where he teleports (especially useful for when he ports low).  Also keep in
mind that you can hit him while he's fading out, right up until he has 

Disgust is invincible as long as he covers his mouth, the time to strike is
when he is spitting green balls at you.  If you get in close enough you can
hide from the balls first bounce and be able to hack away, just be ready to
run back when he starts walking again.


Once you have killed Abarghus on hard you are given a choice, take the one
armed ninja home or send him to hell.  You have to choose hell to enter this
new area.

In this area crates can sometimes contain exploding bombs or enemies.
The helpful tutorial information you sometimes see written on walls is now
evil and traitorous, suggesting paths that will kill you, but sometimes
it'll suggest the right path just to screw with you.

There are no bosses in this domain, and if you get the rare joy of making it
all the way to the end... you're rewarded with an exit door, that puts you
back at the top (with new floors and enemies generated of course)
I've managed to get down to that door twice in one game, it seems very
much like the dungeon is endless.

[TDL]	Transdimensional Leakage

This place is very, very random.
First of all, note that you can play this area on normal, and should, the only
difference is wether or not you're allowed to continue when you die.
To get into here you'll need tickets.  To unlock tickets you need to collect
all the letters in the normal game to spell out "Where am I?" Every time you 
do you get one ticket.
By the way, if you choose restart mission, that does NOT use up additional 
tickets, you can restart to your hearts content, but it also doesn't save
progress or unlocks either.  Also if you ALT-F4 during the game, it doesn't
save that you used a ticket in the first place.
First change you'll notice is the walls, they look very different.

The enemy and area difficulty is also random, you'll face sets out of Abarghus'
Domain and normal play through sets as well.  

Crates can have enemies or exploding bombs in them.
The enemies have entirely randomized colours, so things like the statues can
no longer be easily identified between their types.
The statues now have a much higher fire rate
There's new bosses (covered in enemies guide)

When you've killed the third boss you have an exit door that puts you at the
top of a dungeon again, the assumption is that it is an unlimited level like

[THX]	Thankyous

It's probably a bit weird to list thankyous in an FAQ, or maybe they often 
have them and I don't read them.  So if that's the case and you're like me, 
than you aren't actually reading this, which means I'm just completely 
wastingmy time writing this, so screw you!

Thankyou to maxzyfrax for his kind words as well as some helpful info 
including the Early Morning Star glitch.

Thanks to _Unowninator_ for his 1000 projectiles trick, making what seemed 
like an impossible task a breeze.

To Emuchu, who handed various information I hadn't recorded like the boomerang
going through walls, some great tips, a huge chunk of the enemy names, tactics 
and also pointing out some errors.  Thanks!