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Summoner Tips

How to get dread blade in Summoner.
First of all go to Iona and get the "Tathal the wanderer" quest. Then when your in tower of Eleh go and find a slave pit and get the "emperors dragon scales" quest. The person who gives you the quest also gives you a dragon scale. So now go to Wolong caverns and find a bridge. On the left side of the bridge should be a cave, get in the cave and you will get the red dragon scale. The next one is an encounter. When you got the quest "Tathal the wanderer" that should've enabled the encounter where you find Tathal. Now when you got the dragon scale from Tathal go to liangshan forest. The last scale is on the right side of the cemetery. Get that and then get done with that place and go to the Jade temple. After you beat Murod, go outside and all the jade temple people took over the place. Go down and you will see a guy with a staff thingy, talk to him and give him the 4 dragon scales and recieve the DREAD BLADE.