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It's Suikoden! What's not to love?


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It’s been nearly 10 long years since the latest core title of the Suikoden series was released. In some ways, it seems like a life time ago, but in other ways, I can remember the experience like it was yesterday. While many regard Suikoden V as one of the best in the series, its sales were only around half that of previous games, which is probably a result of Suikoden IV, which disappointed fans around the globe. So, how does Suikoden V measure up to some of the other powerhouse titles in the series? Suikoden V ...


A Return to the Greatness

The good:

  • It's Suikoden
  • Battle System
  • Large Scale wars
  • Characters and Recruitment
  • Story
  • Length
  • Jeane

    The bad:

  • High Encounter Rate
  • Lack of Cut-Scenes
  • Too easy


    From the moment a solid preview of this game was released, I had a feeling this would be one Konami's finer Suikoden installments. Suikoden 3 and 4 proved to put many people off the series but it's safe to say that they're back on track. In many respects, this is very similar to the greatness of Suikoden 2.

    The basic Suikoden story formula stays the same. This time, the player takes the role of the Prince of Falena, and after some sneaky political events from other regions, is forced out of his town with his loyal body guard, and a few other followers. From that point on, the Prince is face...

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