The Suffering review
Blood here, Come Get Your Blood!

The good:

Tons of Blood and Gore./ The theme of the game./ The Atmposphere./ The Characters./ Realism./ Multiple endings.

The bad:

Choppy cutscenes and character talking./ Short game./ Very little replay value./ Revolver ammo in showers?


This game pretty much has it all, Blood, Swearing, Tough badass character, extremeley gruesom monsters, eearie environments, and above all else, one hell of a freaky plot.

within minutes, you will be covered head to toe in blood and gore, and will hear at least 10 F words. Death comes in a very creative fashion in this game, some guys die by lacerations of metal blades by a psychotic doctor who appears in only TV screens shown from cameras set around the prison, and some guys die from getting long swords rammed down the top of their skull all the way to their gut.

The theme is quite simple, youre Torque, a tough badass who is accused of murdering his family but cannot seem to remember a damn thing about it. Withing the first 10 minutes of being thrown in prison on an isolated island, freaky events start happening. first an earthquake, then one by one, your fellow inmates disappear. now its up to you to escape! you meet many other inmates on the island, also trying to defend themselves. this is where its up to you on whether you want to kill them or let them live, your actions decide the final ending.

The atmosphere is as real and as eerie as you can possibly get. freaky noises in the background send chills throughout your body, and not to mention, the majority of the prison is dark...very dark.

The characters seem like what you expect out of inmates on death row, or at least I think. theyre self centered, cocky SOBs. You meet many of them along your horrific journey and they all have something different to say. If you get some inmates to follow you and they run into other inmates they dont like, they will start fighting and its usually up to you who you want to win that fight, simply by blowing the others head off. Or of course you can sit back and watch the gunfight between the two. As well in this game, besides meeting single characters, you can meet your average Prison gangs, like mexicans and blacks etc...

The cutscenes are what really brings this game to its knees, for example, when someones talking, their mouth does not match what theyre saying whatsoever, and their movements are very choppy and unreal.

This game is also quite short, it definately makes due for a rental, unless you plan on replaying this game over and over.

Lastly, why in the world would there be Revolver ammo in prison showers.....

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