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25 Million Years Ago, Man evolved out of the ocean. In 2047, He goes back! In the year 2047, a massive comet slams into the Earth's surface and the shell-shocked remnants of mankind descend into the liquid cradle of creation in order survive.After a hundred years, the resilient humans have slowly created a new life for themselves in the plains and mountains of this cool blue universe. But even in the ebbing stillness of the deep one harsh reality remains - where man goes, war follows.Two distinct humanoid races have evolved and flourished in their seagoing colonies and now the oceans of the world are not big enough for them both. The power hungry White Sharks who horde the remaining resources and the Black Octopi who blend their love for technology with the fragile ecosystem of their new underwater home find themselves embroiled in escalating conflict. Their squabbles are quietly observed by the "Silicons", a stranded alien race entrenched in a deep crater, who have decided these warring factions are of no use to them alive... Submarine Titans takes real-time strategy deep into a 3-dimensional underwater universe where armies are deployed, terrain is deformed and precious resources are mined. A precise plan of attack is required to gain control of this spellbinding abyss or find the fate of civilization and mankind in the water.

[edit] Features

  • First real time strategy game set deep in the exotic 3-D underwater environment with 5 depth/elevations of play of the swirling depths of earth's oceans and 4 different viewpoints for accurate command and control.
  • Three distinct playable races: 2 humanoid, 1 alien, each with its own objectives, histories, units, technologies and strategies to master
  • Innovative all new unit classes and structures along with the ability to hide units and building in caves, under cliffs or above opponents creates new
  • Fully realized 3D underwater universe teeming with spectacular marine life, winding mountain ranges, dimly lit caverns, cliffs and dark foreboding tunnels accessible with 3 level zoom feature that allows you to zoom into or out of the game at anytime.
  • Fully customizable integrated AI learn and counteracts your plays in opponent mode or can handle the more mundane tasks allows you to concentrate on more pressing matters.
  • Multiplayer via Internet or LAN Allows up to 24 players including 8 opponents and 8 spectators to watch part as and take the battle unfolds.
  • Massive maps give optimal strategic overview of the battlescapes, supporting screen resolutions from 800 x 600 to 1280 x 1024
  • Evolutionary dual control interface allow you to control individual units or entire groups as well as simultaneously launch attacks on the enemy and planning production.
  • Cinematic-quality surround music follows the action.

[edit] Hardware Requirements

Pentium 233
Windows 95/98/2000
Video card
32 MB of system RAM
140 MB of free hard drive space
6X CD-Rom
Sound blaster compatible sound card
24-bit SVGA
DirectX 7 and DirectX media 6.0

Recommended Pentium III
64 MB of RAM
EAX compatible sound card
28.8kps modem or more for multiplayer

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Submarine Titans Floats Into Stores

The underwater real-time strategy game from Strategy First is now available nationwide.

Aug 03, 2000, by Prairie Wolfe | 0 comments
Submarine Titans Has Gone Gold

The Strategy First RTS game is the first to take place in the depths of the ocean.

Jun 22, 2000, by Prairie Wolfe | 0 comments

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