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Style Savvy cheats, Tips, and Codes for DS. Also see Action Replay Codes for more Style Savvy cheat codes.


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Brand Key
This will come in hand during contests and customer orders. Has the name of each brand and the description showed. Also has my own description of the style you should look for:

  • <span style="color:navy;">GXS: Sporty, athletic styles for an active look.
    Most items look like they are used when exercising. Stripes and numbers.
  • </span>

  • <span style="color:fuchsia;">Dazies: Colorful, quirky fashions for a vibrant style.
    Not as colorful as April Bonbon, Is more mature than A.B. yet vibrant.
  • </span>

  • <span style="color:red;">Azusa: Glam garments for a glitzy daring style.
    Lots of animal print and camoflage items. Lace up stuff, glamorous. Often worn with Mad Jack.</span>

  • <span style="color:aqua;">April Bonbon: Fun, whimsical fashions for a playful appearance.
    Very, bright colors, youthful styles.
  • </span>

  • Alvarado: High-end celeb fashions for a polished look.
    Everything is very expensive and posh. Gold/silver thread, animal print, almost formal looking attire.

  • <span style="color:gray;">Terra: Earthy, boho-chic items for a free-spirited style.
    Warm nature colors (brown, green, yellow, etc), often worn with Karamomo.
  • </span>

  • <span style="color:teal;">Karamomo: Asian-inspired styles for a look of the Far East.
    Lots of cherry blossom designs, patterns, usually worn with Terra.
  • </span>

  • <span style="color:#ff9999;">Époque: Styles with vintage charm for a delicate look.
    Often confused and worn with Sonata because there's not really that big of a difference between the two. Mature, styles.
  • </span>

  • <span style="color:orange;">Capsule: Fab, retro fashions for a mod style.
    Usually had bright colors and a shape design (colorful squares on socks, etc), styles from the Fifties and Sixties...
  • </span>

  • <span style="color:#ff99cc;">Marble Lily: Frilly, girly garments for a fanciful style.
    Pale, bright colors. As the title says, there's lots of frilly girly things.
  • </span>

  • <span style="color:#800080;">Raven Candle: Gothic styles for a dark, mysterious look.
    Basically a dark version of Marble Lily. Frills, and dark colors. Lace-up items, gothic. Often worn with Mad Jack.
  • </span>

  • <span style="color:#ff8a8a;">Penbridge: Preppy pieces for a smart, snappy appearance.
    Loads of plaid and red designs. Almost every item they have has some sort of plaid on it.
  • </span>

  • <span style="color:#ff0000;">Mad Jack: Edgy, punk fashions for a rebellious style.
    Punk rock style. Not very much bright color involved. Lots of the styles look like they've been worn while a prank was being pulled or they have "street" designs. Dark, often worn with Raven Candle or Azusa.
  • </span>

  • <span style="color:#FF0066;">Sonata: Soft, refined styles for a sophisticated appearance.
    Mature, subtle fashions. Often worn with Époque.
  • </span>

  • <span style="color:purple;">Masquerade: Rare costume pieces for a one-of-a-kind look.
    Most peices are $799. When there's a sale, they sell for about $10 less. When it appears at the Buyer's Center, it's usually having a sale and that item on sale is the only item they are offering at that time. Masquerade clothes are the prizes of contests at the contest hall.
  • </span>

  • <span style="color:#66ccff;">Pure Cloth: Basic styles for a simple, versatile look.''
    Like the description says, basic. solid colors, no design. Can be worn with every brand.
  • </span>
    Creating Outfits
    <span style="color:#660033;"><font size=1>Occasionally, a customer will come in and ask you to create an outfit to match an item of clothing that they are wearing. A simple way to create a style without them ending up wondering if they should but it or not, is to look at the brand and pick only the items of that specific brand. [Go to "search" at the top right of the screen where you choose the clothes and choose "brand." then scroll down to the same brand of the item.] Work around the piece until you've created a good style. Matching colors and adding collaborated styles in with the outfits will make the customer love it even more.
    Keep an eye on the customer's budget. Anything they can't afford, they won't buy.

    Pure cloth is hard to work with when they choose an item of that brand because it's just a plain style. Chances are that the person doesn't want just a plain outfit. Click "order" at the bottom of the screen and look at the customer and see what other brands she's wearing. If you have played the game enough, you know what colors and details that brand would use. Determine what other brand they're wearing and choose that brand to use with Pure Cloth. If all you see is Pure Cloth, then just choose styles from that brand. </span></font>