Simon The Sorceror 3D review
Simon Simon he's our man, if he can't do it then Melissa sure can! Um...

The good:

Bursting with humour, challenging puzzles and great voice acting.

The bad:

So many bugs n glitches you'll end up throwing your computer out a window in frustration.


Simon; he's a sarcastic jerk, yet you'll love him all the same. The people who have complained about the graphics and the glitches can just shove it, because neither would put me off this game. Ok, so the graphics are simple and a tad blocky, but everything is colourful, cartoony and clear. Simon has a range of different face expressions (mostly either looking smarmy or slightly confused), and all the characters have their own individual personalites, adding to the involvment of the game. Aside from the all the puzzles, the voice acting and the humour are the best things about this game, in my opinion. Although the game insists that its a game suitable for the whole family, its full of rude crude british humour, most of it coming out of Simon's mouth, him being a dirty minded teenager n all. After a while you start yelling at the characters like they're real people...or is that just me?
Well I'm no good at writing reviews, but dis ere game do be good, oh yes. So let's all go chuck some gnomes around. You heard me.

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