Stronghold review
Stronghold Crusader

The good:

A very entertaining game, yet difficult. Good graphics, and quite detailed, right down to the chickens running around. (which you can kill) Played the first and loved it, playing the second and can't stop.

The bad:

Better have some good RAM in the computer, alot of things going on at one time in this game. In my opinion 256k of RDRam or 512 of SDRAM. Some VERY difficult stages to get through, with no difficulty setting to help out.


Those of us who have played and beat the first, will love this one. Here are a few things I've done to win.
1) At the begining of each senerio change the game speed to the slowest setting. This will slow the speed of your enemies, allowing you to build a defense.
2) Build a pub, and a merchant first. Then purchase the ale so you can raise the taxes for income.
3) Since your enemies always have as much if not more gold. DEFENSE<DEFENSE is your best plan at first. Crossbowmen in a tower are by far the best defense, better shooting skills, more damage, and better armor than a archer. One crossbowman are worth 5 archers. (plus they can take out armor)
I hope this helps, and enjoy a very good game.

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