Stronghold Cheats

Stronghold cheats, Tips, and Codes for PC.


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Get more people in a tower
this works like the same way in crusader, but if you select a group of units to go to a tower, and then (before the first group reaches the tower) tell another group to go there, you can pack a ton of people in a tower at once. this has its advantages and disadvantages. one, you have an extremely powerfull tower. two, its only a tower, make sure you give it ample support and put others around it so that it doesn't get destroyed and you lose all your precious men.


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cheats that work
at the starting place hold alt + shift and hit A
then in the game hold alt and hit X to get 100 popularity and 1000 gold hold alt and hit K to make all building free
Unlimited supply of Rocks
When a trebuchet or catapult runs out of stone simply select the 'launch cow' option and click as if to attack an archer or defensive unit. Now a large circle of torches will appear. Click on that same man again and the circle becomes smaller. The siege unit now launches a rock instead!