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Stronghold: Crusader Glitches

Multiple People Same Post
NOTICE: This does not work for the stone building or the ox tether, because the ox tether only has one (1) ox, and the quarry only has the three people.
This is the Easy Way I found To Be TRUE:
1) select the post (click the building) that you want multiple people for
note: the sleep button, you must have the sleep button on screen (or building title) before step 2.
2) PAUSE THE GAME; note: Critical Step, If you do not pause then ALL the people for that post will go back to the campfire.
3) click the sleep button
4) wait 1 sec <- to make sure that the game acknowledge the sleep
5) click the sleep button AGAIN <- this will reactivate the post
6) UN PAUSE the game
7) wait for the person to activate at the campfire, then go to step 8
8) repeat until YOU desire