Stronghold: Crusader Tips

Stronghold Crusader Easy everything
this is the most useful cheat for campaign mode, Right this cheat shows you how to have as many workers at one bakers or wood cutters or any work station you can put to sleep, place a bakers or any work station wait until you have a worker going to workplace click on baker (so you can see the zzzzzzzzz button, next just pause game by pressing "p". when game is paused press the zzzzzzzzz button twice quickly, this will put your station to sleep then back to the "no entry sign above work station", next press the pause button. the trick is your worker will stay at the work station but another one will be generated from the keep. This can be repeated as many time as you want, i have had 5 workers at one station, this very handy if you have limited resources or are trying beat a rich lord. but on the other side you do need allot off workers, but you will out produce any lord with ease.