Streets of Rage (GENESIS) Cheats

Streets of Rage cheats, Codes, Tips, and Codes for GENESIS.

Command codes

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Extra continues
Press Left, Left, B, B, B, C, C, C on the title screen to start a new game with extra continues.
Unlock "Easiest" & "Manic" Modes
You need to have two controllers connected to make this code work. On the title screen while holding down Start on controller 1, press and hold the A + B buttons on controller 2.


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Bad Ending (2-player mode)
To view the special "bad" ending, you must be playing a two-player game before Level 8. Before fighting the final boss, each player needs to respond to his request differently (i.e. one must say "yes" while the other says "no"); both players will then be forced to duel each other. The player who loses must NOT choose to continue from Game Over.

The final boss will once again make a request of the player left standing; be sure to answer "No" this time to fight him on your own. Win this battle to earn the special version of the bad ending where YOU become the new criminal kingpin!
How to survive longer against Lv5 bosses (the blaze like women)
when the slower walking woman throws you into the air keep hitting up + jump (usually C) at the same time, then you will land on your feet and take no damage, also works with any enemy who throws you into the air (unsure about the wrestling boss though)
Level 5 Boss
Do you get annoyed by the fact you can barely combo them or grab them? Well, if you wait just a split second after they land from a jump, you can actually grab them. If you do it too soon you get grabbed, but if you wait about a tenth of a second, you can actually grab them and perform a couple of knees and a back drop which does way more damage than single hits. This can shorten down the length of the battle considerably if you can get the hang of it.


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Extra lives and Level Select
At the player & option screen, move the cursor to options hold A, B, C, & Right on controller 2 and press Start on controller 1. In the menu you'll have two new options, the option for more starting lives and a level select.