Streets of Rage 3

  • Released on Mar 17, 1994
  • By Sega for GENESIS

Streets of Rage 3 Cheats

Streets of Rage 3 cheats, Tips, and Codes for GENESIS.


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Gameplay Hints
1) Only Shiva and Blaze's front throw allow you to safely throw the fat fire-breathing enemies. If you use any other throws then you will be squashed and lose some health just like in Streets of Rage 1

2) When you are thrown, press and hold C and Up to safely land on your feet
Play as Roo
When you come to face Roo and his trainer, defeat the trainer without beating Roo and he will run off. When you lose all your lives and have to use a continue scroll along the characters you can play as and Roo will be selectable.

Note: Roo can't use any weapons.
Play as Shiva
At the end of the first level, defeat Shiva as usual and then hold B down until the next round starts. When you lose all your lives and use a continue, scroll left along the characters you can play as and Shiva will be selectable.

Note: He can't use any weapons and both of his special attacks are the same.


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Level Select
On the main menu, press and hold B and the press Up to select options. While still pressing B, press Start. A sound will confirm that you correctly entered the code. In the options menu, you can now select what level you want to start on.