Street Fighter Alpha (GBC) Cheats

Street Fighter Alpha cheats, and Codes for GBC.


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Akuma vs you
Choose your character in "ARCADE MODE".When you choose MANUAL or AUTO option for your character,Choose with the buttons A,B.Hold them until the fight starts.Instead of fighting the regular character,you'll fight AKUMA.
Bison Vs. You
After selecting your character and Normal or Auto Mode, Hold down A, B, and Select until the match starts. Bison will come out and you can fight him. This code works no matter what stage you are on or who you will fight next. If you want to fight him in the middle of the game, Hold down the buttons after winning the final round.
The true Dance Master: Sagat
To do this, do everything in this order

Select Charlie.

Begin a game and intentionally loose the match.

Choose "Continue" at the continue screen.

Defeat the character and loose to the next

Repeat steps 2 and 3 until you have been

defeated by all of the game's characters.

After losing to Bison, continue a new game as Adon.