[edit] Background

Street Racing Syndicate will let players race on the Philadelphia, Miami, and L.A. street racing scenes. There are more than 20 cars to choose from and all the cars can be customized and tuned to fit a specific driving style. Players can compete in illegal and officially sanctioned events to earn cash, cars, and women. The races will pit players against various opponents and feature the added hazard of a zealous police force that is eager to put a stop to illegal racing.

[edit] Gameplay

Upgrade officially licensed vehicles with hundreds of actual aftermarket parts, stickers, paints and vinyls. Then throw it on the Dyno to measure your mods before you put it on the track to test your skills. Because in the end, glory's nice. Money and models are better. But driving away with your opponent's ride is just plain sick.

Street Racing Syndicate captures all the competition, lifestyle, and action of real illegal and underground street racing. Nights filled with high-risk, nitrous-injected, illegal racing on real city streets. Money and respect always on the line. Cops lurking behind every sharp turn. Customizing cars with authentic parts, cool paint, and anything else bought or won. From hot cars with lifelike physics and damage, to beautiful models picked from the pages of today's top import magazines, to booming bass, big bets, and illegal and sanctioned events, Street Racing Syndicate is the first game ever to deliver the real world of street racing

[edit] Features

  • Realisctic Damage - Poor racing will damage vehicles, and cost money to repair.
  • Tune it up and turn it loose - Upgrade officially licensed cars with hundreds of actual aftermarket parts, stickers, paints vinyls.
  • Test and tweak custamizations - Throw it on the Dyno and watch the engine scream real Peak Torque and Horsepower at you!
  • Obey the rule or deal with the police - Watch your driving behavior...break the rules and you'll have the police on your tail or points on your driving record.
  • Underground and sancitoned races - Street and track. Day and night. Through LA, Philly and Miami landscapes.
  • The SRS girls and other glory - Win money, cars and the affections of the import racing scene's hottest models.
  • Win pink slips online - When you're done going head-to-head just for fun, put your ride on the line and try to win your rival's car...or risk losing yours

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  • North America:
    • Oct 28, 2005 (GBA)
    • Feb 1, 2005 (PC)
    • Aug 31, 2004 (PS2)
  • Europe: May 6, 2005
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