Street Hoops (PS2) Cheats

Street Hoops cheats, and Codes for PS2.


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All courts
At the cheat menu press box box L1 R2 L1 o L2 o.
All You Need To Know
At the main menu, choose Game Settings, and then select cheats. Enter the following codes:

Black Ball: R2, R2, O, L2
Block Party: R1, O, L2, R2
Normal Ball: R1, square, square, L1
Power Game: R2, O, L2, O
Red, White & Blue Ball: O, R2, square, R2
Clown Uniform: square, L1, square, O
Cowboy Uniform: O, R2, R2, R1
Kung-fu Uniform: O, O, square, L1
Pimp Uniform: R1, square, O, L2
Santa Uniform: R2, L2, R2, L2
Tuxedo Uniform: L2, L2, O, square
Cheats/Special Players/Mixtapes

Enter these cheats at the cheat menu...

Fast Clock: Circle(x3), Square(x3), L1, L2

Perfect Field Goals: Circle(x3), Square(x3), R1, R2

Shot Release Text: L1(x2), R1(x2), Circle(x2), Square)x2

Special Players...

Lil Romeo and Master P:
Buy the most expensive P. Miller Clothing.

Beat Lord Of The Court in Venice Beach, CA.

Silkk The Shocker:
Beat Lord Of The Court in Shakespear Park, La

B Real, Muggs, Bobo:
Beat World Tournament on Greatest Of All Time difficulty setting.

Mixtapes 3, 4, and 5:
Just keep beating Lord of The Court under any difficulty setting, they will eventually start popping up.
super steals
At ch-eat menu press box R2 box R1 o L1 o L2.