Street Fighter X Mega Man

  • Released on Dec 17, 2012
  • By Capcom for PC

Street Fighter X Mega Man Cheats

Street Fighter X Mega Man cheats, Easter Eggs, Unlockables, Tips, and Codes for PC.


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Hidden Abilities
Enter the following codes at the title screen
UnlockableHow to unlock
Genin Jinn (Shadow Clone and Turbo MegaMan)Press [Shoot] + [Shift Weapon Right] button simultaneously; cannot be disabled for duration of session once activated
Already have HadokenPress and hold [Jump] + [Shoot] buttons for ~5-6 seconds.


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Health/Weapon Refills during boss rematches
When you reach the portion of Seth's lab where you need to enter the teleporters to re-challenge all 8 bosses you fought befre, look for a computer in the background that has two black and white swirling orbs. Shoot the orbs with a charged Mega Buster shot and they should drop a large Health and Weapon Energy Tank. These orbs will reappear after you defeat each boss in case you need to recover your energy.

Easter eggs

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Fight against Akuma
Complete the game with 4 or more Perfects. You will be able to fight against Akuma after the final battle.
Fight Against Sagat
Earn Perfect in 4 battles in Boss Rush before Bison, and Sagat should challenge you ahead of the final battle.
Play as Mega Man w/o helmet
At the stage select screen, highlight Ryu and hold the [Shoot] button. Then enter Right, Right, Right, Left. A sound effect should play if you entered the code correctly. You can now play a version of Mega Man without his helmet.
Replace Level BGM with Guile's Theme
During any level, pause the game and hold down the Jump button (default "L" key), then enter the U, D, D, and D buttons (default W, S, S, S). Guile's theme music from SFII should replace the level's BGM until you enter the aforementioned code again.