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An almost-definitive fighting game package

The good:

Includes both a Street Fighter 2 & Street Fighter 3 game. Online play available. Arcade-perfect graphics & gameplay. Also includes the Street Fighter 2 anime movie.

The bad:

Slightly unresponsive controls. Some unbalanced gameplay/computer AI.


Released to commemorate the 15th Anniversary of the Street Fighter franchise (there was one back in 1989 before SF2 hit arcades), SF Anniversary Collection brings together two of the franchise's best titles. Hyper SF2 is a hybrid of all the SF2 titles, allowing players to use all the variations of the 16 original fighters from all 5 games and pit them against each other, while SF3: 3rd Strike is a direct port of the final title in the SF3 series.

The graphics in both games are about arcade-perfect. Hyper SF2's graphics are about the same as in all the SF2 games except for some updated backgr...


A good compilation

The good:

Includes 2 classic Street Fighter games which are Hyper Street Fighter 2 and Street Fighter 3: Third Strike.

Includes a Street Fighter movie.

Updated graphics from the original version of the games.

The games have some replay value

The bad:

I can't think of much. Well even though the graphics were updated on Hyper Street Fighter 2 it could still use a little work.

And the difficulty on Hyper Street Fighter 2 can be a little high for those of you who aren't used to it.


Well I'm not a big Street Fighter fan but I am still kind of a fan but this compilation is pretty good. I'll make a short review for each game included:

Hyper Street Fighter 2:

Difficulty: Hard

I am sure most of have played atleast one version of Street Fighter 2. Well Hyper Street Fighter 2 is all Street Fighter 2s in one. You can choose from 5 different modes. It's a decent fighting game if you are looking for a good challenge.

Street Fighter 3: Third Strike

Difficulty: Normal

Now this game is better than Hyper Street Fighter 2. It has more characters and an unlockable character named Gill who ...


ANNiversary Collection

The good:

THe good thing about this game is that it has a great selection of things to choose from you could play old school street fighter to the number one hit street fighter three third stike. THeir are many things to know about street fighter IT all started with the original street fighter 2 and has gotten very far in national tournaments till this day.

The bad:

SOme of the gamebreaking glitches like guiles handcuffs glicth were removed like it was used in the original street fighter 2. THe soundtrack kicks in very late in street fighter third strike. Its suppose to change the remix during every round like in the arcade and the dreamcast version. BUt instead it changes almost ten seconds later in the second round. I believe it's not bad because they had to fit so much on one disc.


THe gameplay is very smooth
THe animation is excellent and the difficulty very high.

A must get for every street fighter fan.


Crouching tiger, hiden street fighter.

The good:

everything. everything is amazing in this game. it is almost as good as Street Fighter Alpha 3. and it is amazingly oood

The bad:

nothing is bad with this game


All of my favorite characters are on this, and i have 2 amazingly great games here. this is a must by for 2D fighter fans, and Street fighters fans espicially. if u dont buy this and ur an SF fan. ur stupid. simply put ur stupid.

Graphics 10/10

these are super good 2D graphics, sure i know what ur thinking 2D is old shcool. well it suites this game perfectally(of course) and i think it helps make this game stand out from the mass of 3D fighters.

Gameplay 10/10

This is Street Fighter we're talking about. Of course hte controls are amazing, and of course the motions are smooth and of course this ...

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