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Another Cloudy Day for the Creative Assembly

The good:

The whole use of the result of global warming has already been played on in games like Fracture, but Stormrise has a slight unique flavour that sets it apart, along with the quite interesting CGI custscene.

Unique unit types, all equipped with their own abilities means you wont just be shelving out one bog standard unit after the other.

It’s brave. The first mutli-platform console RTS to be a pure one, not relying on its PC counterpart. Stormrise takes a plunge into darkness, and the Creative Assembly deserves insurmountable respect for doing do.

The bad:

Despite hosting the legend that is North Nolan in its voicing cast, the game turns from gritty post-apoc warzone to ridiculous pun-fest, trying to harbour as many babyish comments as humanly possible. Stormrise is awfully scripted.
The game has it’s bugs and general glitches. Wasting half an hour to find your game frozen is unbelievably frustrating. Also you will notice that you wont be able to see bullets firing from both allied and enemy weapons, meaning you can easily not notice an entire unit get wiped out, right under your nose.
It gets incredibly boring in most places, it feels more of a struggle than an actual game.

You can’t actually target unit and attack, you have to move within proximity and wait for your troops to attack automatically, which you can find, will cause huge sacrifices.

The Echelon force heavily overpowers The Sai, who may have some seriously cool specialised units, but they all rely on melee attacks, something the Echelon capitalises on soon enough with dig in, shoot far tactics.


The Creative Assembly didn’t have a huge impact on next generation consoles when it launched its first inspired title for the PS3 and 360, Viking: Battle of Asgard. Though the concept was perfect, along with the setting and other well laid foundations, the execution was a little lacklustre, including a monotonous combat system that tried to shed some diversity, but unfortunately became another hack n’ slash for the pile. It was a big dip for the developers, being the only games they had ever made before Viking were the Total War games, each praised as the best bit of RTS action you will ge...

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