Still Life review
Golden title is fitting...or not?

The good:

Pretty good areas,evidence processing,hard to find out puzzles,pretty good character models,well developing storyline.Post-Mortem character,variety of things.

The bad:

Not so scary music,audio problem after playing some hours,nothing special in this point-and-click game.


Still Life is a point-and-click adventure game that actually has a little difference than all the other, typical adventure games.

The only things that makes it different than most (and is probably bad) is that you can't have much options (see Gameplay).

Those who have played Post-Mortem are going to have a deja-vu. Another good thing is that the game has got a ''Gold'' title.

(Story, no-spoilers)
Our game starts with an opening movie that shows some guy painting and some murders happening.
When the actual game starts, you have control of 1 the main characters, a police officer out of some abandoned building that a murder had happened.
This is the point where the game introduces you to the other characters and the gameplay and investigation items (seems like CSI already).
After that the first, and simplest, puzzle. After that you will go to other places and you will meet an old friend (if you have played Post-Mortem).
It is an exciting storyline but I warn you...it is NOT for the faint-hearted as it contains really...disgusting, and maybe offensive for some, elements.
I leave the rest to you; I don't want to spoil it. Overall: Very good, will keep you on-screen for hours.


This is probably the game's best aspect (for its genre).The models (characters, items, objects) are rendered pretty well, actually, they excel for these games.
Adventure games don't have amazing graphics (usually) so the rating is based on other games like it (Secret Files, Post Mortem, Jack the Ripper etc...)
Although the game lacks the graphics of Dreamfall and Keepsake, but it is not like them, the game looks more realistic and does not have
Out-of-a-fairytale places and its universe is based on the real world. Overall: Graphics stand out for its game type, still not perfect.


Now this is the major drawback of the game. The voice acting is the only thing that gives it a little (and I stress the term very loosely) bonus,
It has its flaws too (other said, other written in subtitles).
Then the soundtrack...that isn't good too...the sounds don't really give out an ominous aura for places with decapitated bodies or happy themes
When at houses (time period, no spoilers).Overall: It doesn't shine, still it's the only thing that doesn't.


This is a so-so thing, I’ll explain. The fact it is like The Condemned: Criminal Origins (XBOX 360, you have tools that help find blood, UV lights and all)
Is probably a plus but the fact it has not too much options (you cannot do something specific like look, pick up, use inventory items whenever you want etc.)
Every item has its own action and there are special places where you can use items and not anywhere you want.
Another thing is that you cannot talk for whatever you want with NPCs (people you talk to or interact generally).You can choose a "personal"
or a "business" conversation with them but it always to go on you must talk about what it is you have to which does not give you much freedom.
Overall: Has many flaws but it does not make it bad, it makes up for it, you will see.


(Play-time, Replayability)
The second worst aspect. Once you finish this game, you will not want to play it again out of boredom, mostly, and maybe because you will
NEVER EVER want to see some things you have...Overall: This is a one-time game, trust me.


GAME OVERALL:28/50 5,3/10
Last words: Still Life is an enjoyable yet lacking game.

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