11 Achievements
Anti Spike Blow up all nail bombs on the hedgehog
10 achievers
Butterfly Collector Complete 10 Trees
1 achiever
Flower Garden Collect 200 flowers
1 achiever
Getting the Hang of It Complete the last level of the Tree of Introduction
25 achievers
Gordian Blindly refuse defeat
11 achievers
Pacifist Use all rope but no paint must touch the object
3 achievers
Tied to the Ground Tie down every flying thing
1 achiever
Unwinder Wrap an object to 100% and then unwind back to 0%
11 achievers
3 Achievements Remaining To Be Unlocked
Meticulous Detonator Blow up every nail bomb on the Tree of Focus
Nirvana Learn to let go after attaining Perfection
Perfection Complete all levels at 100%